Unicef in Haiti

Roger Moore and Children of Haiti

Roger Moore and Children of Haiti

UNICEF has been in Haiti helping children since 1949 and continues to do so
today – please visit http://www.unicef.org for more information or to make a donation.Children are UNICEF’s number one priority. They need to be found, fed, kept
alive and kept safe.UNICEF is the lead organization for Haiti emergency relief in the areas of
water/sanitation, nutrition, child protection and education.EMERGENCY SUPPLIES ARE GETTING THROUGH:UNICEF is delivering life-saving support to those in need. A humanitarian
corridor has now been established for delivery of supplies to Port au
Prince. Capacity at the airport is improving and we expect one of the main
ports to begin operations soon.

. Three UNICEF plane-loads have landed with life-saving supplies.
. Another 7 flights are headed for Santa Domingo carrying a warehouse
tent, tents, water, sanitation, health and nutrition supplies.
. Today, another 40 metric tons of UNICEF supplies arrived in
Port-au-Prince with similar supplies.

WATER/SANITATION: Water is critical to stave off a second wave of disaster, with disease outbreaks especially amongst children.

. We are currently supplying water to 80,000 people every day and have doubled the number of distribution points from 15 to 30.
. We continue to supply the hospitals with 120,000 liters each day.
. With today’s delivery of fuel, we can keep distributing water for more than a week.
. From today, 10,000 gallons of fuel will be received every day, a critical supply to keep our operation going, particularly for water.

NUTRITION: The youngest are the most vulnerable. UNICEF is setting up nutrition support to children under 2 years. Therapeutic and supplementary feeding is on the way.

. 135,000 sachets of ready-to-use therapeutic food are now in the Dominican Republic, ready for transport to Haiti. These are sufficient to provide complete treatment for 900 children with severe
acute malnutrition.
. An additional 135,000 sachets are ready for shipment from Copenhagen.

CHILD PROTECTION: UNICEF is providing for children who are lost or have become separated from their families. Safe spaces for all children up to five years old should be available by the end of the week.

. So far, safe spaces have been identified for almost 1000 children.
. Tracing and registration of unaccompanied children has begun.
. Nearly half the population of Haiti is under 18 years of age. 38% are under the age of 14. Without support, these children are increased exposure to sexual exploitation and trafficking.

EDUCATION: Schools are closed – and we will re-open them when this is possible. In the interim, UNICEF is bringing in supplies for temporary schooling in “safe spaces.”

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