“The Saint” TV series produced e.g. by Geoffrey Moore

James Purefoy is finally at last all set to play the new Simon Templar in the forthcoming TV series of  “The Saint”.  Shooting is reported to be slated to start in July 2011 in New Orleans. The newest version of  “The Saint” is being produced William J. MacDonald, Geoffrey Moore (Sir Roger Moore’s son), and Jorge Zamacona (most recently of “Oz”). Burl Barer, noted author of the continuing adventures of  “The Saint”, has also been involved in the writing of the script, “The Saint in New Orleans”.

James Purefoy, who will play the new Saint, was screen tested for the role of James Bond in 1995 for “Goldeneye”, and throughout 2004 and 2005 Purefoy’s name was rumoured as a possible candidate to replace Brosnan as agent 007 in future James Bond films. These rumors surfaced again before the 2006 film, “Casino Royale”. In December 2007, James Purefoy was first rumored to have been cast in the role of Simon Templar alias “The Saint”, and that was put on-hold due to production issues and his role in The Philanthropist. In 2011, it appears that Purefoy is coming back to the role of  “The Saint” !