Author Topic: "A Princess For Christmas" & UNICEF  (Read 883 times)

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"A Princess For Christmas" & UNICEF
« on: December 10, 2011, 06:40:51 AM »
Roger Moore, 84, plays the fabulously wealthy Edward Duke of Castlebury, who invites his estranged young American niece, nephew and their aunt to his castle in the snowy countryside of a fictional European country (the film was shot in Romania).

Although Edward is Scrooge-like when it comes to Christmas trees and holiday celebrations, his heart begins to melt with the visitors' arrival.

Moore said he was drawn to the project because he enjoyed working with the producer Brad Krevoy on a previous movie.

"My wife and I had a great time with him and we ate very well every night," said Moore, speaking from his chalet in the Swiss ski resort of Crans-Montana. "I had never been to Romania. It's a very short trip to Romania (from Switzerland) and I said let's do it. I liked the story and I felt it was a really good film the right type of film for Christmas."

"Princess for Christmas" is a far cry from the relentless poverty Moore encounters while traveling the world for UNICEF. "I always feel like I am in the way when we go into the field not being a doctor or a nurse or an engineer," he said. "But it is important for us to see what is actually happening, so we can talk about it when we are back home or when we are doing fundraising."

The late Audrey Hepburn inspired him to become involved. When he began his volunteer work, Moore said an estimated 40,000 children died every day from preventive causes. Today, according to the World Health Organization, that figure is about 22,000.

"That's still a frightening statistic," said Moore who since his first field trip to Central America has visited almost every country in the world for UNICEF.

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