Sir Rogers Q and A for November 2010

Question 1

Hello Sir Roger

I hope you had a terrific birthday. My question for November is this….

I know it is primarily an American tradition, but did you take part in Halloween festivities when you were a child, and if so, what did you dress up as?

Just for your information, I am currently reading Sir Michael Caine’s new book The Elephant to Hollywood I think it’s called and I can recommend it as a really good read.

Thanks again for answering our questions

Hi Noel

Thank you, yes I had a lovely birthday with Kristina at our favourite restaurant.

No, Halloween wasn’t something that really took off in the UK until my children came along, so we didn’t really know what it was when I was growing up.

I’ve just bought Sir Maurice’s book – hope he is kind to me!

Question 2

Dear Sir Roger, I am a huge fan of all of the Bond Movies. My favorites were the ones you did particularly Octogirl thingy. My question is what is your favorite Bond Car and your most interesting memory of the late Desmond Llewelyn?
Yours sincerly,
Trevor Dailey

Hello Trevor

Octopussy you mean? That was a fun film.

My favourite car? Probably the most unlikely – the Citroen 2CV from For Your Eyes Only … simply because it was so ridiculous as a chase car.

I have many memories of Desmond, but in particular when I used to have our script supervisor change his pages and introduce highly technical rubbish. Dear Desmond would pace up and down during his lunch hour trying to learn it all, and then saw me laughing as he walked on the stage. The air often turned blue!

Question 3

Dear Sir Roger,
I’m a huge fan of The Persuaders. You and Tony seemed to be having great fun doing the show, which translated to us fans and made it that much more enjoyable. I love watching the show each weekend on DVD while enjoying a bottle of Champagne which it seems is the shows beverage of choice! My question is did you really drink the actual Champagne on the set, and did you prefer the Mumms, the Moet(both of which are frequently seen) or some other? I know this may not be the most interesting question you get, but I mean it in the fun spirit that the show projected and do hope you’ll answer. Thanks for this forum and to you and Tony for doing the best show ever on television!
Kind Regards from a huge fan.
John Caje

Hi John

Yes production values were very high and so it was real champagne – fortunately we didn’t do too many re-takes, renderingme legless. The Moet was rather lovely. Thesedays we like Taittinger! Ah if only a show were around where I could guest star and partake of a glass or two…


Question 4

Dear Sir Roger,

I’ve always been a massive fan of the Bond films; in particular I liked the style that you brought to the role. I may be slightly biased, as I watched all your films before Sean’s (except From Russia With Love) but I have tried to defend the view that you were better on the basis that you were one of the actors recommended for the role by Ian Fleming himself. However, Sean [and Sean’s films] are regarded as being closest to the books. I have recently read the whole series for the first time, and I think that whilst I will always love the films, the books delve much deeper into Bond’s personality and his attitudes towards life.
I wondered whether you have ever read all or any of Fleming’s books (the only true Bond books in my opinion) and, if so, did you take any inspiration from them with regard to your portrayal of Bond?

Yours sincerely,
Hugo Corbett

Hello Hugo

Yes I read the books prior to becoming Jimmy Bond. I didn’t put too much of Fleming’s Bond into my portrayal, as I felt I should make it my own, as did the scriptwriters. But the books were a terrific read!

Question 5

Dear Sir Roger,

You have created some very indelible characters in flim and television which we all so enjoy very much. Do you have a character you would have liked to have portrayed other than James Bond or your role in the Persuaders?

Thank you for your years of dedication and hard work to provide your fanbase with such enjoyable and memorable films and television performances.
Steve Kornman
Tucson, Arizona

Hi Steve

No, I’m very grateful for the roles that have come my way I don’t have huge ambitions to be a great actor, or actively pursue other roles. Though, if I think hard about films I’ve enjoyed, I’d have enjoyed playing in Day Of The Jackal – Edward Fox was terrific though.

Question 6

Dear Sir Roger,

KAZAKHSTAN. What a country! Not in the international media too often. I don’t know anyone who has ever been to that former soviet country. The only thing which comes into my mind is that even though deep inside Asia their football clubs are participating

Sir Roger Moore, Lady Moore and Batyrkhan Shukenov surrounded by children with intellectual disabilities

in European competitions.

Therefore I thought of asking you a general question about your main impression of your trip to Kazakhstan. Whatever your most vivid impression may be: About the local UNICEF work, people, food, architecture, a little incident, etc. If somebody asks you about “Kazakhstan”, what is your first thought?

Thank you very much and even though still a few weeks away, I wish you and Lady Kristina a very Merry Christmas!


Hi Martin

We are just about rested after our hectic week there. A lovely country and really, really

lovely people. The UNICEF representatives could not have been more dedicated, committed or hard working – they inspired us.

We visited many projects within an hour or so of the capital … I used to think drivers in ITaly were crazy, but boy you ought to try getting in a car here. It’s a rollercoaster ride!

It was a wonderfully positive trip which served to further enthuse our commitment to UNICEF – what more can I say?

Happy Christmas ALL.