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Question 1

Hello from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Sir Roger! I have a question that I ask my friends and they find it quite fascinating so I thought, what the heck………I’d ask you the same question. It’s a bit of a Time Machine Question.

It’s Dinner time. You can invite 3 famous people to dine with you, living or dead……….who would it be and why were they the guests of your choice?

My 14 year old daughter says hello and we love your Bond movies. I am a full time dealer of vintage movie memorabilia on eBay and your memorabilia crosses my desk often, right back to the 50’s in fact.

Thanks for being so damned classy. You’re a huge inspiration to me.

D’Arcy More

(decedent of Sir Thomas More…….only my neck is still attached to my shoulders)

Hello D’Arcy

 That’s a tricky question to answer.

I’d love to invite Audrey Hepburn and Danny Kaye as two guests, as they were the two most influential UNICEF Ambassadors and the reason I became involved. I’d like to talk with them about how their involvement has had a huge benefit across the world and how many lives they have saved, plus about what else we might do in the future.

The third guest … perhaps Nelson Mandela. I’ve been in his company before and have found him hugely inspirational. To sit down with this great man, and talk about the world with my other two guestswould be awe inspiring.

As to whether they’d want to spend an evening with me is another question!

Question 2

Hi Sir Roger, ‘A View To A Kill’ Is My Favorite James Bond Film, I Really Love The Golden Gate Fight Scene At The End Of The Film Between You And Christopher Walken. I Was Wondering, Is There Any Memories That You Could Share With Me About The Filming Of The Scene?

I Hope You Have A Nice Christmas.

Many Thanks,

Hi Macaulay

A lot of the shots were actually staged on the backlot at Pinewood where we re-constructed part of the bridge – a small part I should add! The main action on the real bridge was between the stunt guys, my own brave stunt double being Martin Grace. It was one of those bizarre pieces of legislation that we could film on the bridge but could not film “any fight sequence” up there. So if you watch carefully, in the long shots, Martin doesn’t throw any punches he just “struggles” a little bit with Chris Walken’s double. The real fighting was done on the backlot.

Question 3

This is my very first question and I am so excited ! It concerns your movie with Clint Walker called “Gold of The Seven Saints”, where you were both so young and adorable! I loved the ending, where you lost the gold, but went along your way singing and laughing, because throughout all you went through trying to save this gold, you discovered that your brotherly love and friendship was more valuable than gold. I recently met Clint Walker at a Western Festival and asked him if this indeed was the message of the story, and he agreed whole-heartedly… you ??

It means alot to me to know your thoughts on this, and also any memories you have of working with Clint.

Your Fan,
Helene in Forest Hills, NY

Hello Helene

Oh that film was great fun, though also the reason I developed kidney stones. But let’s not talk about the latter. Clint was a terrific actor to work with and endured my constant fooling around very well. Yes the film started out being all about money and gold, but then – as so often happens in real life – the really important things come to the fore. Its a film I’m very proud of. I’m glad Clint agreed too!


Question 4

Throughout your acting career you have worked with a variety of actors and actresses. I was wondering if there was any you would have liked to work with, but didn’t get the opportunity to do so?

Also I have just seen your UNICEF video regarding children with disabilities. Having worked as a wheelchair tennis coach and seen what a difference sport can make to peoples lives, I was wondering whether you have come across the ITF silver fund ( with your work with UNICEF or whether you know of any other sports that run similar programmes?

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Steph Trill

Hello Steph

I’d have loved to have worked with Audrey Hepburn. Her beauty would have knocked me off the screen though.

Today, if given the chance,I’d love to appear on screen with Johnny Depp. He’s one of our very best actors and someone I admire greatly

Question 5

Dear Sir Roger, the life it’s a summary of photographs. The image is more important than thousand of words, someone says. A movie star like you in their life has many photos (publicity, movie posters, reports, interviews, etc.).
I want to ask you, what is your favorite picture? May be alone, with your family, or one that represents a special moment in your actor career or UNICEF ambassador?

By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Feliz Navidad y Próspero 2011!

Dixon Acosta (Bogotá, Colombia).

Hello Dixon

I have a few favourite photos – one with my parents, one with my children and one with my darling Kristina. These are the most important people in my life and the reason I am here with you today. I couldn’t choose just one.  



Dear Sir Roger,

What part of your life did you enjoy the most? It would not surprise me if it is early childhood.


Ottawa, Canada

Dear Claude

The present time in my life is absolutely wonderful, but yes you are quite correct when mentioning my childhood – I was such a lucky young boy to have such wonderful parents, andto have grown up at the time I did. My memories of my parents and growing up always make me smile. I’ve been very lucky in life, but they played an enormous part in making that good luck for me.

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