Sir Rogers Q & A for June 2011

 Question 1 

Dear Sir Roger,
Thank you for your reply a while back to my question about my favorite movie of yours called ffolkes, and I’m very much looking forward to your latest picture when it’s released. My question this time is one on The Persuaders, which is absolutely my favorite TV series. I especially enjoy the episodes with the reoccurring characters such as The Farmer and Judge Fulton, and two shows in which Juliet Harmer played Prue are I think two of the best. I was wondering if you had as much fun doing them as I do watching them, and if you could share any memories of working with her on those? She was perfectly cast and you seemed to get on very well, and she was funny in the scenes with Tony Curtis too. I asked this one for May, but probably got it in too late. I understand that you get loads of questions and can only reply to a few at a time, and so I hope you don’t mind me submitting it again as I really love the Persuaders! Thanks again.
Jon Cage 

Hi Jon

How kind of you to write again.

The Persuaders is a terrific show and one I’m very proud of. Juliet was in two episodes and great fun to work with. She had been in Adam Adamant most famously before our show. You know, the whole cast throughout was fantastic and I don’t think I could have for better. They are still talking about making a movie of the show, and I’d like to think I’d make a good Judge Fulton. Maybe Juliet could return too? 

Question 2 

Dear Sir Roger,

Recently I received your autograph (via Bondstars) for which many thanks!
It was placed by you on a picture of you posing as ‘ffolkes’.

That film “ffolkes” I find highly entertaining.
One of the actors in that film is Michael Parks.
His role as villain, with his staring eyes through thick glasses, is hilarious.
More recently he acted in films by Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill).
It looks like he must be a fun guy.
Though you never mention him, nor in your autobiography, nor anywhere else, as far as I know.
Have you any recollections -or perhaps  a nice anecdote – about him from the time of filming “ffolkes”?

 Best wishes,

Richard Plug

Hi Richard

Michael was a lovely guy, and those beer bottle glasses were a pain to wear. We didn’t, of course, share much in the way of screen time as I was off doing things with cats and needlework, and he was on that boat bobbing up and down in the North Sea … well, off the coast of Ireland and at Pinewood actually. Again, like The Persuaders, it was a great collection of actors – all chosen by Allan Foenander who, incidentally, also cast Live And Let Die. I’m delighted to see Michael has been so busy since. Maybe he’ll ask for me on a future film? 

Question 3 

Sir Roger first of all thanks to exist! Of course I’m a great fan of you and all my childhood has been passed with your company so…

It’s a pleisure and an emotion to have the chance to talk to you: I’d have many questions but for now I was just curious to know what is your favourite tea (considering that you’re an actor with a refined and aristocratic “blend”) and if do you have a coat of arms as I’m fond of heraldry.

Thanks and kind regards.

 Hi Sebatian

It has to be Earl Grey. No Milk.

Yes I do have a coat of arms. I think there’s a picture in my book. It has a Moor hen atop. 

Question 4 

Dear Sir Roger, some days ago I watched in TV the film “Hope and Glory” (written and directed by John Boorman, with Sarah Miles, David Hayman, its) about the story of a English family during the World War II, specially how the children lived those days with the bombarding over London.  There are some movies that focused the way how the war has affected to the childhood, but from perspective of the innocence and the game (e.g., “La vita é bella” of Roberto Benigni, “Au revoir les enfants” of Louis Malle, “The boy in the Striped Pyjamas” of Mark Herman and these mentioned British film). Sir Roger, you that lived the war and all your life has been concern about the children, what do you thing  is the most effect of the war in the childhood, the innocence sense lost, maybe?
Thanks a lot. Hasta pronto.

Dixon Acosta  (Bogotá, Colombia). 

Hi Dixon

You’re right, war robs children of innocence. So many children are involved as ‘child soldiers’  too. Not only do they lose their innocence, they lose limbs and lives.

Growing up should be a time of wonder, fun and enlightenment. Not one of fear, distrust and harm.

I wish every child could enjoy the fun and love I experienced as a young boy. 

Question 5 

Dear Sir Roger,

like all people here I’m a fan of you since childhood. I always loved the humor you brought to the parts you played.
You’re my favorite Bond and I bought “The Saint” and enjoy watching the show. (Hard to believe, but I only know the Series by name, but have never watched it before.)

I watched “Boat Trip” recently and your scenes were the highlights of the film. Very funny to see a Ladysmen to work for the other team. 
It must be fun to play that character.

You described that you love to go the cinema as a kid, watching the actors on screen.
And since then you played two of TVs and Cinema’s biggest Icons, Simon Templar and James Bond, and you’re name will be forever be linked to them. It’s a kind of immortality. 
What do you think when you’re looking back on your achievments? Did you ever imagined to become so popular, and gaining this success? Inspiring other people to become actors. And what would have the young Roger thought about Roger Moore the actor?

I don’t know if you know the two OSS 117 movies with Jean Dujardin. Me and my girlfriend discovered and watched them last year with every friend who couldn’t run fast enough.  They are hilarious. If you don’t know them, take a look, they’re worth watching.
In the bonus features the director told, that his father-in-law is a neighbour to Sean Connery, but he didn’t dare to ask him, to play the father in the next film. Could you imagine playing the father of a french secret agent? I think it would be brilliant.
I’m waiting to see that. 

I wish you and Lady Kristina all the Best!

Greetings from Germany

 Hi Rainer

I think “am I really that old?” when I look back at the shows you mention. I was so young and pretty then. Now I’m just pretty.

I never imaged I’d be successful or popular. I was just grateful for a job. I seem to have got away with it pretty well so far.

I’ve not seen OSS but I believe Jean Dujardin stole the show in Cannes this year with ‘The Artist’.

As for playing a father figure? Sure. Why not? 

Question 6 

Dear Sir Roger,

Thank you for answering my last month’s question. Now I have a question which is slightly tricky:

You might know the popular sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. A few weeks ago the producers fired their star Charlie Sheen. I think usually this sort of thing happens if the ratings are slipping. But Two and a Half Men is still very successful – also commercially. It was “Goodbye Charlie” because of their star’s private lifestyle. I am not asking you to judge Charlie Sheen (I don’t even know what exactly he has been doing, what is true and what is just media’s exaggerations), but I would like to ask you for your opinion as an actor: Do you think an actor’s private life should be the reason for dismissal or should everything be OK and tolerable as long as one shows up on the set on time and sober?

Thank you very much for answering.

Best wishes


Hi Martin

I think when you are a very popular actor who is paid a great deal of money to appear in a show, you should behave in a manner fitting. If one is professional, knows the lines and turns up on time, then that’s a good start. But when shows become hugely popular and actors within it moreso, then the image of the show and actor become intertwined. If it’s a family show and some alleged incident takes place with the actor involving breaking the law, as with drug abuse, then the image of the show is tarnished. It invariably means people turn off.

So the producers move to protect their show, their co-stars and crew. It’s happened time and time over – actors part company with films and tv series over ‘behaviour’ issues.

No one is a saint, but when you’re blessed with success you need to think a little about why you have it, and how you might hold on to it.

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