Sir Roger to help the U.K.’s elderly during the winter

Sir Roger Moore and Joanna Lumley are backing a new campaign to raise funds to help the U.K.’s elderly during the winter.

The pair has thrown its support behind charity Age UK’s Bobble Day, which urges the British public to buy colourful knitted accessories to attach to their winter clothes to raise funds for old folk struggling through the cold season as part of the organisation’s Spread The Warmth drive.

Former Bond star Sir Roger, who reveals he was labelled ‘The Big Knit’ by Sir Michael Caine because of his early days as a sweater model, is eager for Brits to purchase the charitable accessories.

He says, “This ‘Big Knit’ now supports Age UK’s Bobble Day and I’ll be urging everyone to wear their favourite knitwear on February 10th: you too could look as debonair, suave and sophisticated as me – Bobble-O-Seven! But more importantly, you will also be helping to save lives by supporting Age UK’s Spread the Warmth campaign.”

Absolutely Fabulous actress Lumley adds, “Please join me in making a donation to Age UK to help older people who are suffering from the cold this winter. It’s a hugely important cause; let’s Spread the Warmth together.”

Rolling Stones rocker Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo is also supporting the campaign.

If you’d like to find more information on how to help the elderly, visit