Sir Roger Q and A October 2015

Thank you all for the interesting questions I hope you enjoy my replies.pers

Q1 Gary Priestley Dear Sir Roger Moore in my eyes the Best bond ever i do hope you are well and stay well my question is if you could change anything in the World what Would IT be sir

Hello Gary
That’s a very difficult question as there are several things I would change – as a UNICEF Ambassador that is, including world poverty, child exploitation, preventable diseases not receiving the treatment they should and could get. In short, an improved situation for the world’s children.

Q 2 Eddy Trlaja Hi Sir Roger !!! What was your first car that you bought? Thank you very much for all…my Idol…You are the best !!! … Goodbye dear Roger
Hello Eddy
Well, I learned to drive in the army so was used to jeeps and large military vehicles! In the UK my first real proper car was the Volvo P1800. I’d rented cars there and in the USA before that (I could never afford one as a young struggling actor).

Q 3 Phillip Walters hi sir roger i was wondering which did you prefer making The Saint or The Persuaders and why?
Hi Phillip
Can I say both? No? Oh, ok then … I think The Saint as it was 7 wonderful years and gave me financial security and the chance to direct.

Q 4 Paul Glasswell Sir Roger: What’s your favourite thing you have done with Unicef?
And: I’m off to see Brian Blessed in a couple of weeks. Did you work with him (surely everyone has!) and do you have a question I should ask him?
Hello Paul
Favourite thing with UNICEF? Difficult to say one thing. A few years ago Kristina and I had the great honour of showing HRHs The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge around the UNICEF warehouses in Copenhagen were all supplies are held and dispatched at very short notice around the world to disaster zones and emergencies. To see the place at work and the huge shipments of aid being prepared is awe inspiring and the staff are absolutely terrific. Showing off UNICEF first hand and the great work it does to the Royals was a very proud moment for me.

Q 5 Delmo Walters Jr. Hello Sir Roger! In 1987 you were approached to guest star in an episode of the US tv series “The Equalizer” starring Edward Woodward. You turned down the offer. Why?
Hi Delmo
For once, I was working. So couldn’t fit in with their dates I’m afraid.

Q 6 Allard Postma Hello Sir Roger.
which missed chance in your career do you most regret; not playing in a certain film, or not getting to act along a certain actor or actress, etc…?
Hello Allard
I always wanted to play Lawrence of Arabia! I was also considered for the lead in Day Of The Jackal which I would have really enjoyed, but the director felt I was too well known and stood out in a crowd. The jackal should be anonymous, he said. So he chose Edward Fox – lucky old him.