Sir Roger Q and A March 2015

Q 1
Miikka Ahonen Hello Sir Roger! I recently read your book “Bond on Bond” and came to understand that you used to do some practical jokes to some of the other cast members. And since it is April Fools´day today, my question is: What is the best prank that anyone (on or off set) has ever pulled on you? Br,Miikka
Hello Miikka
I’m afraid no one is ever quick enough to play pranks on me! The crews were tempted, particularly when I soaked them with water, but because I had to look immaculate in my suit and with perfect hair, they knew they weren’t allowed to touch me.

Q 2
John Cook Greetings Sir Roger Moore. The first Bond film I ever saw was For Your Eyes Only. It remains my favorite. It is obvious how closely associated with the Bond character you are, but you have created much other excellent work, including The Saint. My question is, of all your few years of creativity, what was the single most difficult scene, location, or situation, you had to deal with during filming? Thank you.
Hi John
Grace Jones.

Q 3
Khalib KJ Hickling Hello Sir Roger. I have recently being inspired to become a film director, I have just made my first short! There is a question what has stuck with me for a while now since I am frequently given different answers ‘Is film school worth my money and time?’
Hi Khalib
Yes, most definitely – so long as it’s a good film school. You’ll learn all the important basics and techniques there and it will really help launch you. Just look how many Oscar nominations students from the National Film and Television School in the UK have snagged. Good luck.

Q 4
Jens Petersen Dear Sir Roger Moore! I’m from Denmark. Two questions, please! The first: Do you know some danish traditions from your danish wife, Kiki Tolstrup? I know, that you have been in Denmark several times, and that you also have a close relationship to the danish royal family. The second: In 2012, I bought a huge diamond-and tanzanitring on a danish auction in Copenhagen, who have belonged to the late actor Tony Curtis. Do you ever have seen him wear this ring, for example in The persuaders? The tanzanitstone is blue. Yours sincerely, Jens.

Hello Jens
Kristina is actually Swedish, and she introduced me to all sorts of wonderful things  including the summer tradition of crayfish and aquavit parties. I must admit I consumed rather more aquavit than crayfish. I’m afraid I don’t recall the Tony Curtis ring, no.
Q 5
Sheroo Khan Sir Roger, which is your favourite Bond movie of all time both with you and also without you?
Hi Sheroo

Q 6
Austin Robinson Sir Roger. Are you still involved with Unicef? And if so is there a way that I can get involved?
Very much so Austin.
There are many ways you can become involved and help, from buying greetings cards from the UNICEF website to making either one-off or regular donations – any amounts important and welcome – to spreading the word to friends, colleague, family about latest initiatives and campaigns, which you can read about on the UNICEF website. However modest, we welcome all help!