Ramez Nabil Hello sir roger…what is your best memory with sir christopher lee ?

Hello Ramez

There are so many as we knew each other nearly 70 years, and worked together several times. We last met in the autumn of 2014 for lunch at La Colombe D’or in the South of France, and I remember him talking to Kristina about her home country of Sweden and his experiences there; she gunwas really fascinated and said she found him so interesting. That is a lovely memory to have – a happy, jolly lunch where we chatted, reminisced and eat well.


Simon Bell

Sir Roger, If you could have played a part in any one classic comedy film, which one would you have chosen?

Hi Simon

I rather like dressing up and using disguises in films, so I think Kind Hearts And Coronets would have been huge fun, playing all the different characters. A Little like we did in The Persuaders episode, A Death In The Family.

Martin Bablick

Dear Sir Roger, a few weeks ago you did a commercial for a Swiss telecommunications company in four different languages. Wasn’t this a big challenge? Or was it just big fun for you?

Thanks and kind regards


Hi Martin

When it started out, the job was in English and “maybe French”. It then turned into French, German and Italian! The French and Italian I wasn’t too bad with, but the German was tricky and so they wrote all the lines out on idiot boards for me in order to get them all correct. They were a lovely crew, and it was just two days of great fun.

Q 3

Paul Martin William Fewings Paul Fewings. Sir Roger Moore. Sir what was your fav. Memory of being in the Army? Being in the Army must have been good for playing all those military types on the silver screen. Please answer sir as ive not had any questions answered to date. Many thanks. Sir Roger Moore.

Hello Paul

It was when I transferred to CSEU, the entertainment unit, and was able to work with old mates like Bryan Forbes that I really enjoyed my National Service; before that I wasn’t terribly happy. Maybe now I could play a Chelsea Pensioner ?

Q 4

Jochen Winkler Hello Sir Roger! Wish you all the Best! What is your biggest concern currently for UNICEF?

Hi Jochen

Oh, that’s a tough question to answer as there are so many huge concerns but  the conflict in Yemen is very worrying – 160 health facilities have closed there and over 1 million children were forced to flee their homes.  It’s a humanitarian crisis.

Then there are the continuing problems in other countries of Ebola, poverty, HIV/Aids, cholera in South Sudan … and so many more silent emergencies.


Scott Monthie Hello Sir Roger,

Do you have any great Patrick Macnee stories for us? I know The Saint was filmed near The Avengers and The Sea Wolves is one of my favorite films.

Hi Scott

Oh Pat was such a lovely, fun man. We worked together on three films and knew each other going back to the 1950s. We had great fun on A View To A Kill where Bond was able to boss Tibbet around – I just remember so much laughter and fun.

Q 6

Daniel Potter Hi Sir Roger, I wanted to ask if there was any stage play in theatreland not film you would like to have starred in or have a good role what would that have been?

Hi Daniel

Oh that’s difficult to answer. I never saw myself as a Shakespearean actor, so wouldn’t pip for any of those famous roles; I can’t sing or dance, so musicals would be out. Blithe Spirit might have been fun to do – wonderful dialogue by the Master, and lots of nice comedic scenes. Yes, I think I’d make a lovely Madame Acarti.