Callum Reid Happy New year Sir Roger!
Did you ever find playing in The Man Who Haunted Himself a challange after starring in The Saint for many year or did you enjoy the experience entirely ?man-who-haunted-himself

Hello Callum
I find acting a challenge, full stop!
It was a wonderful opportunity to play a more complex character, and of course to play dual roles. Rather than just walking around with a Saintly halo over my head, sure to win as I was the hero, in this film you didn’t know who was going to survive – there was much more tension in that regard. Basil Dearden directed too, and was one of the most wonderful men to work with. So yes, in answer to your question, I did enjoy it – very much.

Q 2
Brian Tiernan Hello Sir Roger Moore, happy new year!! Looking back on all the Bond movies you performed in, is there any one particular film that you wish you could’ve done differently? And do you wish you could’ve been 007 for at least one more flick? Cheers!!
Hello Brian
My bank manager and agent thought I should have done another Bond! But, unfortunately, they couldn’t find leading ladies old enough to play against me.
In terms of doing anything differently – no. I’m very lucky to have made seven and wouldn’t change a thing.

Q 3
Jason Spooner Hello Sir Roger, hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. What I would like to know is; was there ever a part that you turned down and regretted and was there a part that you wanted but didn’t get? Thank you
Hi Jason
There are one or two parts I turned down, but no I never regretted it. I did want to play The Jackal in ‘Day of The Jackal’ but the director thought I was not “anonymous” enough.

Q 4
Robin Smith Memories of working on Maverick please: what was the difference between working on a weekly U.S. Show compared to a British show? Thank you
Hello Robin
Maverick was fun, though I knew I was going in to it replacing James Garner – the studio argued otherwise, but as I was wearing his old costumes I think that was pretty evident. I’d only worked on Ivanhoe (as a British show) at that time and the budgets & schedules were pretty similar – modest. There weren’t as many writers and executives on Ivanhoe though.

Q 5
Guy Stevens Happy New Year sir Roger! My question to you is, back in the 1980s you took a break from bond to do a movie called The Naked face, where you played a psychologist. Is psychology a profession that interests you?
Hello Guy
I did that around the time of my last Bond – I’d read the book and thought it a very good story. I’m fascinated by all branches of the medical profession. Bryan Forbes directed and made a terrific job of it, but our distributors (Cannon) sold it cheaply and it never really achieved the success i felt it deserved as a story.

Q 6
Simon Stewart Happy new year sir roger. I’m a diabetic and know you are too. what more do you think can be done to raise people’s awareness and understanding of the condition.
Hello Simon
It’s a growing problem unfortunately, but i’m lucky in that it’s under control and i watch what i eat. I think it’s all about moderation and if my blood-sugar levels are ok, i have an ice cream for example. I think society is becoming more aware and concerned about sugary drinks and sugar intake, and can only hope that continues.