Sir Roger Q and A for November 2011

Question 1 

Hello Sir Roger: 

I hope you and your family are doing well. I have a question about filming scenes. Obviously, an actor must memorize and know his lines. Inevitably, in the filming of a scene, there will be moments when the actor forgets his lines. Are there cue cards off camera for the actor to read off? Or is there someone off camera to whisper the forgotten line? Or is the scene simply done again? 

With kind regards, 


Hello Ellis

On films you do occasionally dry, and you’re given your script to look at and they then ‘go once more’ on the scene. There isn’t a prompter like in the theatre (as that is live of course, you can’t pause to go look at a script) and rarely are idiot boards used. My friend Desmond Llewelyn used them occasionally for technical dialogue as he got older, but they are a bit of a distraction.

Learn your lines and don’t bump into the furniture!

Question 2

Dear Sir Roger, 

Of course when asked about the most exotic Bond locations, one immediately thinks of Jamaica, India, Thailand, etc. However my own favourite locations are the three Italian ones in three consecutive of your Bonds: 

– Sardinia – in Spy Who Loved Me

– Venice – in Moonraker

– Cortina – in For Your Eyes Only 

Luckily I have been able to visit all three, they are quite close to Austria… 

I would like to ask you if you indeed enjoyed filming in those locations and perhaps which of the three you liked best. 

Thanks and best wishes always 


Hello Martin

I have enjoyed the majority of locations I’ve worked in, but Sardinia has always – and probably always will – rate of my favourite. It was just heavenly!

If you’ve been to all three, which do you prefer I ask? 

Question 3 

Dear Sir Roger , 

   I’m a 14 year old girl from Greece and I’m a huge fan of you so when I saw on your official website that everyone can ask you a question each month I decided to write you. I love your movies and your TV series. Last summer I read your book ”My word is my Bond” and I found it great. I also admire your work in UNICEF so much. My question is as follows:What was the funniest that ever happened to you while you were shooting a movie?I also like to ask you if you have any plans about starring in another movie after ”Christmas at Castlebury Hall”?

   Well, thank you very much for reading my letter. 

   Will you come to Greece soon? 

With my best wishes 

   Marili Antoniou

Dear Marili

Oh goodness, there are so many funny things I can’t recall them all but on Boat Trip (which I made around the Greek Islands) I was asked to pretend to whisper something into Horatio Sanz’s ear for him then to react with disgust. I didn’t have to say anything, but make it look as though I did. Anyhow, I did actually whisper a few words into his ear which caused him to almost convulse in disgust – no acting was required! The whole crew fell apart and Horatio wouldn’t speak to me for ages!! It was all great fun.

If I’m offered another movie I’ll certainly consider it.

Question 4 

Hello Sir Roger,

I really hope everything is fine with you! 

I’m ALWAYS glad to read all news about you. 

Further to the best James Bond ever of my life (!!!) I’ve always admired another British actor too often undervalued, too quickly forgotten, too soon passed away: Michael Billington, the “dark” side of my ideal beauty (for his hair colour..) when I was a teen-ager and also used to watch the U.F.O. episodes. 

He was screen-tested 5 times for the James Bond role (even if I’m happiest he was definitely YOU   ) and, probably, you barely met, due to the apparently different locations you were at in The spy who loved me.  But it is also possible that you knew very well each other, being both “Children of ITC” for a while. Who knows? Only you! 

However my question is: have you ever felt sort of “rivalry” with him? Do you have any peculiar good or bad memory of him?    

I deeply thank you for your attention and rely on your legendary frankness.

Best regards,