Sir Roger Q and A for December 2015

Thank you for your interesting questions for December
Q 1
Brian Walker Hello Sir Roger. If you could go back in time and remake one of your Bond films, which one would it bespy-who-loved-me and why? Thanks

Hello Brian. It would have to be Spy Who Loved Me as I adored working with Lewis Gilbert, it had such a good story, a great bunch of actors and the underwater Lotus. To me it was perfection.

Q 2
Dennis J Hardin Dear Sir Roger, with the Christmas season upon us, I must ask which Bond actor do you think could play a great Ebenezer Scrooge? Also what villainous roles in classic literature would you like to play? Merry Christmas and Happy New year! smile emoticon

Scrooge? I’ll resist jokes about Scottish people here. I’d actually love to play such a mean old character as Scrooge myself – lovely dialogue, playing against type though of course he sees the error of his ways later so it ends happily. Though I can’t help but think of Alistair Sim whenever I think of the character.

Q 3
Michael Humphrey Hello Sir Roger I was wondering what the most daring thing you’ve ever done to get a role
Taken a pay cut.

Q 4
Kameron Maxwell Who would win at Poker between Sir Roger Moore and the other actors that played James Bond
Any of them – I’d lose terribly and be very grumpy. That’s why I never gamble any more.

Q 5
Vince Silverton What do you want your “legacy” to be? And who would you help in kind to having the same dreams and wishes that you have fulfilled in your career?

My legacy? The world’s oldest man!
I’ve been very fortunate and very lucky in life and I’d urge anyone to follow their hearts and find their true vocation. Life is so much more pleasant when you love going to work.

Q 6
Dominic Scott Good evening Sir Rodger, if you had the ability to time travel which period in time would you choose and why? All the best from Dom.
Hello Dom. Back to when my knees worked properly would be a good start. But seriously, I’m very happy at the moment, so I think it would be foolhardy to go back to another time – I’m too busy enjoying it right now.