Sir Roger Q and A February 2017

Q 1 Hello Sir Roger I am a very hot admirer of your from Greece when you made your films in my country which locations did you filming? And what was your favourite? Have you ever filmed anything else apart greecefrom For Your Eyes Only in my country or ever had a holiday here? Big admirer all my life and I am 46 years old you thank you Rena
Ειρήνη Ρένα Ζώτκα

Hello Rena yes

I also made Escape to Athena in and around Rhodes, which was huge fun as my old mate David Niven was in the film with me – or rather I was in the film with him. Also, Boat Trip we were in the Greek Islands for a while before going back to the studio in Germany. Those are in addition to For Your Eyes Only, as you say, so I think you can tell I love your country as I’m always eager to return.

Q 2

Curtiss Mooney Who is you favorite author, and which of their books is your favorite?

I like to expand my reading list by reading other people’s favorite books. Some of my most enjoyable reads have been books read and treated with respect by Nero Wolfe*, Rex Stout’s corpulent armchair detective.

If Wolfe uses a distinctive bookmark as a placeholder, I know he’s in the middle of a literary ‘Gem’.

Hi Curtiss

A great favourite of mine has always been James Clavell. Though I also tend to enjoy Scandic thrillers and in particularly the Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbo. I recently finished Bryan Cranston’s autobiography which was terrific too!

Q 3

Nicholas John Payne Hello Sir Roger I was wondering if you knew about the origin of the stick man figure in The Saint opening titles. I recall Leslie Charteris saying it was a mascot of his in the military many years before he wrote the books. Best Wishes Nicholas Payne, Liverpool

Hi Nicholas

I believe Leslie used to write stories as a child, and when he was around 9 he produced a magazine which he wrote himself, and one of the items was a comic strip but as he wasn’t much of an artist all the characters were stick figures. When he started writing the Saint books he struck upon the idea of giving a stick figure a halo. It became a sort of trademark of Leslie’s and I know permission always had to be south from it if it was to be used.

Q 4

Jeffrey Robillard Hello Sir. Roger, what are a few of your favorite TV shows and movies that you can consistently watch and never grow tired of? Hope you are doing well. Best Regards, Jeffrey Robillard Henderson, Nevada USA

Hi Jeffrey. I have to say I love comedy programmes – I’m not sure if you’ve had Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses, Keeping up Appearances and Mrs Brown’s Boys on TV there? I love them all and watch them over and over.

Q 5

Mislav Damjanić Sir Moore, did you ever get to keep some props from your films and what is your favorite, the one that you have best memories about? Thank you!

Ha ha Mislav, I’m always asked that – especially for charity auctions. People think I havea warehouse stuffed full of props, costumes, scripts, posters … but sadly not. Aside from some suits which I stole, I never kept anything.

Q 6

Edward Morley Dear Sir roger, if you could have directed one of the great Hollywood classics which one would it be and why….Edward Morley.

Hello Edward

I’m not sure I’d have fooled anyone enough to entrust me with one of the classics! But I’d like to think a comedy film with a light touch would have suited me, such as Some Like It Hot. Though I’m no Billy Wilder!