Sir Roger Q and A April 2015

Q 1
Peter Tune hi Sir Roger Who do you think is the best British male or female actor of our time.

Hello Peter

Myself aside you mean? I’m a great admirer of Johnny Depp as he is so versatile and very talented. He’s not yet asked for me though!

Q 2
Adam Orford Sir Roger! Could you please share your favourite behind-the-scenes story of working with Desmond Llewellyn? We’re both from the same village!

Ah, Adam, he was wonderful. Such a lovely, kind man and so very terrified of anything technical. He used to practise his lines for weeks and weeks, but the technical gibberish sometimes necessitated a prompt card, or idiot board as they’re called, with little reminders. On one occasion I held up, rather helpfully I thought, his prompt cards and he looked across to see the next one, only I’d changed it to simply read “Bollocks”. He fell about laughing, threatening me with some rather colourful language too!

Q 3
Kostas Stamkos Looking wonderful -as always- sir Roger. Thank you for the joy you brought to our lives. I was 6 years old when I first saw the Saint. Wow! You gave me more enjoyment that I could hope for… Nowadays I am watching the persuaders – for the first time in my life I must admit (somehow I missed it all those years…). You were a dynamite duo with Tony Curtis and I was wandering if you can describe a day in front and behind the cameras when something extraordinary happened, it must have been great….

Hi Kostas

It was all total and sheer fun. Tony liked to improvise so you never really knew how he’d play it on the day. He’d always be on time (well, mostly), and would always listen intently to the director – particularly when it was me directing – and ask “Dear sweet Roger, what are we going to do here?”. I always smile when I think of Tony .

Q 4
Rikesh Patel Hi Sir Roger Moore! I’m a huge huge fan of yours. If you were to play a villain in any film , who would you play as and what film?

Hi Rikesh

Oh I’m too old to be dashing about nowadays, as the old knees aren’t up to it, but a nice sit-down part would be perfect. I’m open to offers!

Q 6
Kat Silver Hello Roger,
My question is about ‘The Persuaders.’ I was watching ‘Powerswitch’ the other day and in the opening sequence you and Tony Curtis are filmed, water skiing. This very scene also features in the main titles of each ‘Persuaders’ episode. Did you perform this wonderful stunt yourself and if you did, how many takes did it take to do? Best wishes to you and Kristina. X

Hello Kat

Of course! We rehearsed a fair bit but I’d enjoyed water skiing in the South of France before, so felt sure I could stand up for at least ten seconds without falling in. If I did, then it would mean going back to shore to have my hair done, change costumes etc and that gets very time consuming – so it was one take.

Extra question
Dennis Holland As you did over 100 episode of The Saint as Simon Templar (1962-1969) prior to the role of James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973). Which of the two characters did you feel more at home doing? We catch The Saint early AM hours Mondays on MeTV, and of course have seen all the Bond films many times. Thanks for all your work

Hi Dennis

Well I play myself in everything I do, so I feel at home doing everything. I have a great fondness for both characters to be honest. I’m pleased you’re enjoying the show!
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