Sir Roger Q and A 11/13

Hi Sir Roger

What is your involvement in the pilot for the new version of The Saint? Thanks. Loved seeing you in Edinburgh

Regards Steve


Hello Steve

I appear in the pilot as a mysterious sort of figure, a Swiss banker type character who offers advice to Simon Templar. The plan is for me to pop up from time to time…


Q 2

Dear Sir Roger!
Congratulations to The Saint TV Show.saint
Can I ask:
Do you will shoot The Saint more in England or (outside), maybe in the wonderful Cote d Azure?
Can I ask you about Fashion.
What was your FIRST Bespoke/Tailored Suit you bought from your own Money, (not Studio paid).
(Which Colour, Single or Double Breasted and from which Tailor)?
And one last Fun Question:
What was your favourite Hair-Styling in the James Bond Films?
Thank you and all the Best for your Health, George from Vienna


Hello George

I believe the plan is to film the Saint wherever stories take him. So who knows where he might end up …

My first proper suit was when I came out of the Army in fact. Very swish. It wasn’t a famous tailor at all, in fact it would have been off the peg.

My favourite hair styling … that’s easy … when I had most hair! I long for those days again…


Q 3

Dear Sir Roger, I hope that you have enjoyed with your family and friends the celebration of your birthday on last October (by the way, today November 26 is my personal anniversary) and my question is certainly about important dates for the world (!) For these days the mankind commemorates 50 years of the John F. Kennedy assassination. I would like to know, which was the news in your country or abroad that most affected or impressed you until now.
On the other hand, did you met with JFK personally? As usual, thanks a lot for your time and kindness.

Best wishes,

Dixon Acosta  (Bogotá, Colombia).


Hi Dixon

Gosh that’s a tough question. Certainly we all remember where we were when JFK was killed.

Of course there are so many current issues such as Syria and the Phillipines which are in the news at present which impact daily, though perhaps the news that really shocked us most was the Tsunami in 2004. It was Boxing Day (the 26th Dec) and a time when all my family were with Kristina and I celebrating the holidays, and it was so difficult to comprehend the sheer scare of this natural disaster that we were hearing about. When pictures starting arriving on TV screens it was beyond anything we’d ever imagined. My dear friend Richard Attenborough lost his granddaughter and daughter that day and it makes one appreciate just how valuable and precious life is and how it can all change in an instant.


Q 4

Hi Sir Roger

In the many bond movies that you did how much of an influence did you have on the direction of bonds character and by the way it is just an honor to me that you may have read this

Thank you Murry


Hi Murry

I just played him like I play everything else in my career! I was very fortunate in having some brilliant directors and writers, who played to my character strengths and so if I had any influence is was certainly via them.

Q 5


Hello Sir Roger

Which is you You favourite book?

What is your


Jose Oriz


Hi Jose

You mean besides the ones I’ve written? That’s a tough one as I have quite a catholic taste in books and love everything from the Jo Nesbo Harry Hole thrillers to Rudyard Kipling and celebrity autobiographies. Though I guess I’d have to say Kipling has probably affected my life more than any other author.


Q 6


Hi Sir Roger

Should Lewis Collins have taken over from you as Bond, or was he just the right guy at the wrong time

Graeme Egerton


Hello Graeme

From what I heard, my friend Euan Lloyd managed to get Lewis in to see Cubby but it seemed Cubby felt he wasn’t right for the part. I wasn’t there, but I heard he was “too aggressive” in his approach.