Sir Roger Q and A 0814

Q 1 Jason Orton Hello Sir Roger While they can’t do the same thing with Bond that they do with another famous British fictional character, Doctor Who. Has anyone ever asked if you’d be interested in doing a cameo appearance in any of the Bond movies of recent years? If they did…would you?

Hello Jason

Yes, journalists usually!

The producers have my phone number ….

Q 2 Isabelle Henthorn Hello Sir Roger you are my favourite actor and I think you are the best actor in the world. My question is this, what was the most expensive car you ever bought and also can I give you a hug when I see you in the new oxford theatre?

Hi Isabella

My wife gets very jealous you know!

I bought a Rolls Royce in the mid 1970s. I’d always resisted, saying they were flash and very expensive but with a growing family my accountant said “why don’t you? It’ll be nice and comfortable for the family, and a lovely drive for you”. So I did. I was brown and I took delivery at Pinewood on my way to a Christmas party. At traffic lights everyone started staring and pointing, and I thought “that’s it, they think I’m too flash it’ll have to go”. Little did I realise it was the sight of a fully made-up Santa driving that they were staring at!

Q 3 Edmond Sullivan Hello Sir Roger,
Is there a role in a film or other medium that you would have liked to have done and is there a famous role or part that you auditioned for and/or turned down that you were either glad to have turned down or regretted that you didn’t accept?

Hello Edmond

I rarely ever turn anything down! I had hoped to make a film of James Clavell’s Tai Pan, but unfortunately the finance fell through. That was a big disappointment.

Q 4 Kat Silver Hello Roger,
I have had the wonderful privilege of reading both your autobiography, ‘My Word Is My Bond’ and ‘Bond On Bond.’ They are both so well written and I can’t wait for your new book! My question is, how long did it take you to write both of the books named above? Once again I think you’re amazing and I want to thank you for making me smile throughout the years!

Hi Kat

Well it’s difficult to say exactly because I’ll dictate some stuff when the mood takes me,  and then Gareth types it up and converts it into English. I read it, make notes and suggestions which he ignores … and I suppose after about 6 months of this we have a draft which goes to our  proof reader, and then once that’s back and we make any corrections it then goes to our editor at the publishing house. After a couple of months we’ll get a draft back from her, make any suggestions we feel fit, and off it goes to be designed. At that point we have one final read, plus caption the photos. So it probably takes around 9 months to a year from beginning to the point where we have something tangible.   I hope you enjoy reading it and don’t think I’ve wasted a year!

Q 5
JD Piro Hi Roger. I met you at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in America for “My Word is My Bond”. When are you returning to America for “Last Man Standing”?

No plans at the moment JD. At my advanced age transatlantic travel is not fun … the crew take bets on if I’ll survive the flight!

Q 6 Orion Perenyi Hi Sir Roger  I understand that Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor Who himself, was in The Persuaders at one point. What was working with him like?

Hello Orion

Oh he was terrific. A really lovely actor to work with. I also worked with Jon Pertwee too, another Doctor Who. God it’s depressing to think all my mates have gone … I shall go cry now.