Sir Roger Moore Q and A July 2016

Denise Smith Hi sir roger denise here from napoli weres ur best or favourite place in italy you been or even soghtseeing have u ever been to amalfi capri positano and walked thru the ruins of pompeii or herculanium a fantastic place to visit recomende it sir roger

Hello Denise
Alalfi, Capri and Positano are wonderful parts of the world. Capri has too many steps for me nowadays. I once had a holiday home in Tuscany, which is another lovely part of Italy. Though apparently there is one tourist boat tour along the Amalfi coast which points out my cliff-side villa! If only …

Fran Winston Greetings from Ireland Roger. There have been a phenomenal amount of remakes and “reimaginings” of classic TV shows for the big screen in recent years. Do you think The Persuaders would make a good contemporary big screen adventure or is it best left alone?

Hello Fran. If it was true to the original premise, characters and writing then sure it might work. But if you look at The Man From UNCLE movie, it had no connection whatsoever with the original TV series apart from character names – which seems a bit pointless to me and a wasted opportunity.

Richard Arundel Have you ever traced your family tree Sir Roger and were there any surprises?

Hi Richard. No, I’ve not done it. I was once asked to kahuna casino appear on the TV series “Who Do You Think You Are?” but it just isn’t for me I’m afraid.
Mark Ward Hello Sir Roger, love your TV shows & movies, you are a true ENGLISH gentleman & all that’s good & admired about our country/people. You have worked with so many beautiful & sexy women over the years. Is there one lady in particular where even you thought OMG she’s absolutely gorgeous & I get to work with her?
Hi Mark. Not when the wife might be reading this no! But I do always say I was lucky Maud Adams made two Bonds.

Q 5
Agente Secreto Taylor I know you and others have stunt doubles but did you ever commit to a stunt scene which wasGrace Jones really scary
Well, yes – the love scenes with Grace Jones.

Q 6
Christine Geltner Hello Roger. It’s wonderful to hear about your upcoming tour. Will you be ‘up close and personal’ with the audience?

Hi Christine
I shall be sitting on the stage in front of the audience. How close they dare get is another question. Though we do also have cameras that relays me every nuance onto a screen so everyone in the auditorium can see my beautiful face close-up.