Sir Roger Moore Q and A July 2012

Question 1

Dear Sir Roger!

Together with two other Norwegians, I am working on a book on Oscar winning costume designer Julie Harris, who did your costumes for Live and Let Die. She is at 91 a wonderful person to be around, and listening to her telling stories on her work in films. We are delighted to be working with this book, and hope you have something to share on working with her and the costumes she designed for you and the stars like Jane Seymour. I know she went on set with you, and have great memories on making that Bond – movies. She was also around for the Bond – spoof – Casino Royale in 1967. I was in touch with her recently, and she sends her fondest greetings to you.

Please share any memories on working with the wonderful Ms.Julie Harris, and her costumes for Live and let Die.
Thanks a million

Hello Arild

Ah, I’m so pleased Julie is working on a book as I know she so many wonderful stories to tell!

I think I’m correct in saying it was on Casino Royale when she was told, by publicist John Willis, she’d won the Oscar. Back then, there was no live telecast of the show and word came through on the phone …

The thing about Julie’s costumes was that they all looked a million dollars and fitted each scene (if you’ll forgive the pun) brilliantly. She could read a script and come up with ideas and suggestions that were just so brilliant, there was hardly any need for discussion! I greatly enjoyed working with Julie and am still in awe of her genius.

Question 2

Dear Sir Roger

This month I would like to ask you about your new book. I hope the topic interests you as I tried to buy it at Amazon but got a reply from them saying it will not bereleased before October! That’s a few months down the road…

In order to shorten the time till then: Could you tell us anything about your book – without revealing details you must not disclose, but nevertheless watering people’s mouths? Did you write it together with Gareth again? Is there anything special you can tell people which might motivate them to buy the book?

I am planning to be in London end of October personally to buy the book and I am working on attending the final “Evening with Sir Roger Moore” on 26 October in Norwich. I keep my fingers crossed…

Thank you very much and have a great summer


Hello Martin

Well that’s one sale!

The book is indeed out in October. For some reason publishers have to submit dates to Amazon in the American format of month-day-year, and so publication was set for 10-04-12  (October 4th). However, instead of reading it as an American format, someone at Amazon read it the British way (day, month, year) and it was incorrectly listed for sale on April 10th.

It covers everything you could ever want to know on Bond, from my recipe for making the perfect Martini to a lesson in Sake; where to buy the perfect wardrobe; and who my favourite Bond girl is. Along the I look at the villains, gadgets, locations and cars … and offer up all sorts of fascinating facts and figures. Whether or not any of it is true I don’t know, but it sounds good and I wrote it with a straight face. There are lots of really terrific photos too. In fact I look gorgeous in all of them.

Gareth did help a bit. But don’t encourage him or he’ll expect royalties. Isn’t it enough that I took him off the streets?

See you in Norwich!  Amazon link to the book

Question 3

Good Evening Sir Roger,

First off, I don’t even know where to begin. I just discovered your fan site today and I think it is absolutely smashing that you take the time to read and even more smashing, respond to questions from your fans.

I’m watching “The Spy Who Loved Me” currently as I type this, and I must say the synergy between you and Barbara Bach is amazing, especially the champagne cork pop scene at the end of the film.

People are usually looking toward the future, but sometimes we look back in remembrance at particularly important period of time in our life or in general, and my question for you is, is there such a period of time for you, when is it, and why?

I thank and salute you Sir.


Hello Daniel

Has my doctor told you something I don’t know?

Well, hopefully, I will have a long future ahead but meanwhile I’m very happy with where I am today – with my beautiful wife Kristina. We’ve just had a wonderful lunch in Monaco and are now settling down in front of the TV to watch a bit of the Olympics. It’s all rather lovely.

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Question 4

Hello Sir Roger (or G’day if you prefer)

My question for July is as follows. It has two parts.

I’m just about to watch the Men’s Final (Wimbledon of course), between Roger Federer and Andy Murray. Are you a tennis fan, and if so, who’s your favourite player? (In general, not necessarily between Federer and Murray).

I’m really looking forward to watching the London Olympics soon.

Many thanks
Your Aussie fan

Hi Noel

Who won? You never said…

I love tennis, it’s my sport. I’ve met Roger Federer and of course he helps UNICEF lots, so I like him hugely. But as a Brit I was of course rooting for  Andy Murray to claim the first British win in decades. However, it was a superb final and both deserve to be credited with their brilliant playing.

Question 5

Hello Sir Roger

I have been a fan of yours since my father took me to the ABC cinema in Staines to see Octopussy. I was ten years old. I was fortunate to meet you at the NFT in 2009 as part of the celebrations for the centenary of Albert R. ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, and you very graciously signed me a photo and a DVD. Thank you very much.

I enjoyed reading your autobiography very much and am looking forward to your new book ‘Bond on Bond’. I would like to know if there will be any book signing events to coincide with the release of the book, as it would be nice to meet you again?

Many thanks for considering my question and I wish you the very best for the future.

Kind regards

Carl McMahon

Hi Carl

Ah, so you’re the one!

Yes I’ll be flogging … I mean signing … the book at a few venues – after the matinee performances on my world tour (of the UK) theatre dates, and also at Harrods, HMV Oxford Street and Bluewater. You will also possibly see me on QVC too; I might even start up my own fragrance or jewellery range if it goes well.

Question 6

Dear Sir Roger, I’m writing you Today, July 20, National Day of Colombia. By the way, for these days everybody ask you about the James Bond anniversary in the cinema, but many people forget that is the 50th anniversary of The Saint TV Series too. Is there any plan to celebrate this date? Finally, congratulations for the launch of your new book, I hope can to read it very soon! Thanks a lot. Hasta pronto,
Dixon Acosta (Bogotá, Colombia)

Hola Dixon

Ah yes, Simon Templar is getting on too!

I think there might be a British TV programme marking the anniversary. The good folks of Borehamwood may possibly be planning a tribute too. I’m rather tied up in the autumn with my Bond book tour, so my schedule is fairly tight but I’m sure  I’ll raise a glass to Simon along the way!