Sir Roger Moore Q and A four January 2013


Dear Sir Roger.

I wanted to ask when you look back at the different stages of your career, from the early days, through The Saint and The Persuaders, to the Bond years and finally your role as Unicef ambassador, which would you consider your favourite period?

Thank you and I hope 2013 is an excellent year for you.


Hi Michael

They were all hugely happy periods in my life, and it’s really quite impossible (and would be ungrateful of me) to choose a particular time. Bond was probably the most financially rewarding and so my agent and bank manager would urge me to say those years, but each and every show with the wonderful crews and co-stars made going to work a pleasure.

My work with UNICEF is something that is hugely important, and whilst I wouldn’t say it is a role I play (it’s far to important to be a role), it is of course very rewarding for me to think I might be making a tiny difference in bettering the lives of children around the world. There are many hundreds and thousands of people in the field – the real heroes of UNICEF – and I am forever grateful to know them, witness their amazing work,  and help in any way I can.

Q 2

Dear Sir Roger!
Can I ask, when you had the chance to create the Music-List from the New Years Concert,which Composer would you choose?
With (of course the Strauss-Family) and the Donauwalzer and Radetzky-Marsch.

And when startet your interest in Classic Music?

(Sorry about i mentioned Gstaad in the Nov.-Question, i just read the last the pages from your book
and i hope you had a great time in your Chalet in Crans Montana).

Thank you from George in Vienna

Hello George

I’ve always found classical music very relaxing and enjoyable, but it was really when my friend Julian Rachlin invited me to one of his concerts (and later to participate as narrator) that I became totally engrossed! There are so many wonderful composers that it’s difficult to name but a few, but Kristina and my greatest ever pleasure was taking part in a Viennese Waltz in Vienna!

Q 3

Dear Sir Roger

I am the proud owner of a plate and mug you designed for the ‘Whatever It Takes’ charity. Are there any plans for you to design anything else which we can purchase?

Jeremy Smith

Hi Jeremy

Thank you for your generosity. I’m often asked to sketch cartoons or doodles for charity, so you never know …

Q 4

Hello Sir Roger,

I read in the internet that you will appear at the 85th Academy Awards presentation in LA end of February. In fact they say there will be the biggest get-together of James Bond actors – all are supposed to be there. Sounds like 0042.

It is not easy to ask a question which could be difficult for you to answer because you might not be supposed to disclose any details. Nevertheless, can you tell us anything about that? Will you all share a stage? Must be a funny moment to see all the Bonds. It was already funny years ago when you attended the Oscars together with Sean Connery and Michael Caine. But now a much larger gathering?

If you go: Have a great trip to sunny California!

Best wishes


Hi Martin

I read that too!

In fact it became widely reported and rumoured in the British press that we’d all agreed apart from Sean; I’m afraid it’s all nonsense.

None of us have been invited anywhere. I contacted the Academy and asked what their plans were and they replied that it was not their intention to bring the Bond actors together but to do something “quite different and quite special”.

Whoever started that rumour really ought to check the facts first.

Q 5

Dear Sir Roger!
Wish you and your family a Bond-like 2013!

Could you tell us your memory about you serving Pasta cooked by Cubby Broccoli in Egypt? I saw a photo once and heard few words told by Mrs. Dana Broccoli. Was it “big family feeling” only in Bond crew or was it the same also on serials’ sets?

Best regards!

Luigi from Switzerland

in an Italian Hotel-restaurant I once had particularly good food. I had the chef called, to thank him personally. We spoke a bit and it turned out he worked many years in Gstaad and served you several times. Totally discreet, he only said it was a great, great pleasure for him and that you gave a lot of satisfaction to him and his colleagues. (but at the beginning of “The Man with the Golden Gun”, M says Bond outrages chefs…)

Hello Luigi

We were on location in Egypt and there was a problem with the refrigeration on the food trucks, which meant the crew were not going to have anylunch … Cubby, realising that a crew marches on its stomach, immediately set about buying as much pasta and tomato as he could from within driving range of the location and personally cooked up a huge spaghetti pot. There were many to feed so I volunteered to help Cubby serve it up – after all, he cooked it. Unfortunately I was called back to set before I could start the washing up. Sometimes it’s hard being 007!

Q 6

Dear Sir Roger

Sad news at the passing of Mr Michael Winner last week. One of life’s true characters! Your friend Michael Caine said he was a ‘fraud’ because he made a name for himself by coming across as rude and arrogant when in fact he was really a kind and generous man. Have you any memories of working with him on ‘Bullseye’ (or just as a friend) you can share with us?

Best wishes

Simon Chafer
Stockwell, London

Hi Simon

Yes it was hugely sad news.

I called Michael before Christmas and he was, sadly, very unwell and couldn’t speak for long. His wife Geraldine explained he’d been in and out of hospital intensive care with liver problems and was very weak. That was the last spoke I spoke to my old friend.

He was indeed a fraud in portraying himself as an unlikeable character! Yes, his bark could sometimes be abrupt and he didn’t suffer fools … but he was also one of the most charming, funniest and generous people you could ever wish to meet. I shared many lunches and dinners with him over the years, and we laughed hysterically throughout.

Some years ago, Kristina and I took Michael out for dinner with Michael & Shakira Caine – to Scott’s in Mayfair. The whole conversation centred around us telling Michael he ought to propose to Geraldine. He didn’t disagree with us, and soon after did. It was the best decision he ever made