Sir Roger Moore Q and A for September 2011

Question 1

Hello Sir Roger
What did you think about the Spitting Image sketches that featured you. Did they have to get your approval first? I loved the one where you(r puppet) and Sean Connery are in a old folks home and a ancient lady on a zimmer frame goes past, and Sean comments in his thick Scottish Accent “nice arse”, and you(r puppet) gives a little raised eyebrow.


No they never sought my approval (or any one elses). I thought my puppet had a greater acting range than me personally, but I’ve come to terms with it!

Question 2

Dear Sir Roger,

Greetings from a 33 year old girl from the Netherlands.
I hope you are well.
One of my favorite James Bond films is Live and let Die. I would like to ask a question about it.

How did you like working with Jane Seymour? I always thought she was a beautiful Bond girl. And have you ever met again later?

I think you are one of the best actors ever, and I also think your work for Unicef is great.
All the best,

Geerte Tuinenburg
The Netherlands

Jane was very sweet. It was her first fim and her father-in-law, Richard Attenborough, wrote to me asking that I be nice to her. I’m always nice to my co-stars!

She was very easy going, took direction well and asdone very well since. We have bumped into each other along the years, yes.

Question 3 

Dear Sir Roger Moore,

I hope you and your family are well. I was curious about your early years in wartime, living in England. What was it like living during those times. Were you required to serve in the army or was it voluntary? How long did you serve? What section of the army did you serve in ? Did you get posted overseas? How did your serve conclude? Did you resign, how did it work? Was it easy to get out?
Do you still keep in touch with anyone from those days?

Did you ever met or worked with a Major Kenneth W Wood? If so, what do you recall about him? I hope you don’t mind me asking.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our post. Dearly hoping you’re able to reply to mine.

Love Sonya

Hello Sonya 

I was in the Combined Services Entertainment Unitand stationed in Germany after the war. It was my two years national service. 

After two years I was demobed, given a new suit and tried to get back into acting work! 

Not many folks are left from these days I’m afraid, though Bryan Forbes is still a great mate. 

Question 4 

Dear Sir Roger,

Especially from your appearance in The Persuaders on, I have been an admirer of your hairstyle.
From that time on I have tried to comb my hair the same way as you did…
Unfortunately today ( I am 51) my hair looks more like that of your friend Sir Sean: bold in the middle and white hair aside.
My question is:
I noticed that Mike Jones was your hairdresser from the time of the Persuaders until the time of Bond in the eighties.
Did Mike – or someone else -give you tips how to treat your hair in a special way, since it stayed in such good shape until today? If so, what were these tips? (Eventually, if not me other fans might benefit from them).

Best wishes,

Richard Plug 

Hello Richard 

Mike Jones was great fun and goes back many decades with me. 

In the 80s is started thinning out a bit though and today it seems to be thinning out a bit more, but hey that comes with age. I only wishI had tips to share – as I’d follow them myself!! 

Question 5

Thanks so much for answering my previous question about updating the Persuaders. If they do a movie I would love to see you as Judge Fulton. Actually I think the only reason to watch it would be if you were in the film. My question this time is once again about that fantastic and unbeatable original series. While I thoroughly enjoy all of them, I especially love the shows in which you and Tony have the discotheque scenes. The atmosphere is amazing and those scenes are just so humorous. I wonder if you especially enjoyed doing them, or if perhaps some of the other episodes in the series were particular favorites of yours? Thanks to the DVD set I still have the pleasure of watching The Persuaders every weekend. You and Tony and everyone involved have definitely made the best TV show ever! Thanks again, and I hope I get this one through in time to be included in your September replies.
John Caje

Hi John

Hope you like the BluRay. My favourite is A DEATH IN THE FAMILY which allowed me to play many characters, including my own Aunt! But they are all fun.

Question 6

Hello Sir Roger

Thank you for answering my question for August.

My question for September is as follows:

I read on this site that you have been unwell of late. (Me too,an inflamed rib, so no one light a match near me hehe and headaches unrelated to the rib, but both are getting better now). I hope you too will be better soon. I was just wondering what kind of patient you are? Do you prefer people to just leave you alone to get on with getting better, or do you prefer lots of company and allow people to assist you in your recovery?

Alas, I am a bit of both scenarios. But I despise staying in bed when I’m sick.

Oh by the way, chocolate is great medication hehe.

Anyway, I wish you a speedy recovery and good health and happiness in the future

Get well soon & best wishes

Hello Noel

I’m fine – had a bit of a nasty chest in Vienna and was advised not to travel to Croatia and the music festival but take a week off and rest. I felt much better for that, and then headed to London.

But I am a terrible patient. Kristina spoils me and tells me to rest, but I find it hard to do!