Sir Roger Moore Q and A for August 2011

Question 1

Hi !
I would like to ask Sir Roger a two-parts question, not to Sir Roger as actor, but rather as a person.

I would like to ask him: “what are the things today that you consider that your happiness consists of. And if Sir Roger himself would have answered differently to the same question when he was in his fourties.”


Hi Ariel

Having good health and a loving family around you is really the most important thing in life. Thankfully I realised that i my 40s too, and how lucky I was then as Iam now.

Question 2

Dear Sir Roger,
I am entering the wonderful field of teaching. I believe you mentioned that part of what UNICEF does is provide education for those children in need. I was thinking of somehow getting my students involved in UNICEF’s efforts. What suggestions might you have?


Hi Matt

The best way would be to contact your local UNICEF Committee – if in the UK, they are based in London. They can inform you of the work they are involved with, the issues facing children and ways you might become involved. The main thing is increasing awareness of the problems facing disadvantaged children. Thank you.

Question 3

To Sir Roger,

Hello again almost two years later- this is Lonjezo ((Stanford Ph.D. candidate from Malawi, lifelong fan of yours (you are without a doubt my favorite 007), and also a fellow United Nations advocate)). First of all congratulations on your 20th anniversary of UNICEF work- and bravo for all the good you have done in the world!

My question this time has to do with the current famine in the Horn of Africa- it is indeed heartbreaking to learn that upwards of 29,000 Somali children under the age of five have recently died of starvation, and that (according to the U.N.) another 640,000 Somali children are acutely malnourished right now.

Do you believe that there is a preventative (and sustainable) strategy to deal with the issue of famine once and for all? Somalia was beset by a similar catastrophe just 20 years ago, and so was Ethiopia in the mid-1980s…yet we as a global community continue to apply mostly reactive (and expensive) strategies that barely address the root causes of this problem (causes such as spiraling global food prices, political instability, and climate change). What are your thoughts, and who should be at the forefront of executing your preferred strategy?

Thanks again Sir Roger.

Lonjezo Peter Hamisi
Ph.D. Candidate and International Security Fellow
Department of Political Science
Stanford University

Hi Lonjenzo 

I think you are correct in saying we are reactive. If the world could be a bit more pro-active, then we might reduce significantly the effects of such awful, awful famines and droughts.

I can’t really get involved in the politics ofsuch situations, but would like to think the pictures we have seen on the news would stir all politicians and leaders into thinking very hard about future policy and eliminating third world debt.

Question 4

Hello Sir Roger

My question for August is this….

Do you watch reality shows on tv, and if so, which one/s? Your secret is safe with me hehe.

Thank you so much for who you are and what you do to help the world’s children and still find time to answer our questions.

Ciao for now
Your Aussie fan forever

Hi Noel

No, I don’t. I watched a few minutes of the Jungle last year because Britt Ekland was on, but I’m afraid the genre does not do anything for me!

Question 5

Hello Sir Roger,
Do you still visit St Paul de Vence? Have you any particular fond memories of dining at the La Colombe D’or dining with friends David Niven, Michael Caine, Michael Winner, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton? I was fortunate to visit St Paul de Vence in 1987 (also visited Gstaad on the same trip). Being a huge fan of yours for many years, I dragged my husband to these places on our honeymoon! Fond memories for me. Also, are you going to Michael Winner’s wedding on 19th September?
Many thanks,
Tina Grandfield.

Hi Tina 

No I’ve not lived in St Paul for 20 years, but still visit often as I have family there and of course visit the Colombe D’Or regularly too. We dine there with friends such as Leslie Bricusse, Michael Winner, Jeremy Lloyd and David Walliams to this day. There’s a wonderful book on sale there of all the “famous” people who have dined – it’s fascinating, and I think there is even mention of me.

Winner is only having two guests at is wedding on the 19th – Michael and Shakira Caine, his witnesses. He’s keeping it intimate!

Question 6

Hello Sir Roger
You took part in an auction at Sotheby’s in Octopussy. Have you ever been to a ‘real life’ auction? Did you buy anything?

Jeremy Smith

Hi Jeremy 

I have been to auctions, but no, never to buy. Only ever to observe. I’d be terrified of raising an eyebrow and discovering I’d just bid £1 million for an unmade bed, or a sheep petrified in jelly.

Stick to eBay I say!