Sir Roger Moore Q and A 0914


Q1 Nick Kenny Hi Sir Roger Love Last Man Standing!!
My question is, did you ever learn to scuba dive for real, or just for movies?

Glad you like the book Nick.

Re scuba diving – I did it for real.

Of course it helped with movies later on of course.

Q2 Ed E. Cox Hi Sir Roger what’s the best anecdote you would like to share with us of working with Richard Kiel.


Hi Ed

When we were touring to promote the films, I was usually asked “who is your favourite Bond girl” which, as you can imagine, becomes a bit boring every time – especially as I pretend to have never heard it before. So I asked Richard if there was one question he was always asked that bugged him.

“Yes”, he said “they ask me ‘how big were you when you were little?’ “

He was a wonderful man – kind, caring, intelligent and a terrific co-star.


Q 3 Darlene MacLean Hello Sir Roger tell me truthfully did you want jump those crocs yourself when filming in jamaica ?


Hi Darlene

Do you think I’m that brave?!

No thank you – I’m happy to let the stunt boys do things like that and leave this cowardly actor to live another day.


Q 4 Erich Davis Do you think you would enjoy directing a James Bond movie?

Hi Erich

Maybe 20 years ago, but it’s a long, tough schedule and when you’re as lazy as I am it becomes too much of a commitment in later life. But it’s an interesting idea isn’t it?

Q 5 Liz Young Hi Sir Roger what is your favourite band/music?

Hello Liz


Not so much a band, as a performer – Frank Sinatra.


Q 6 Sam Kronis You are known for being a suave and sophisticated gentleman, so did you enjoy playing Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes?Rufus-Excalibur
As he is a bit of a git.


Hi Sam

I loved it!

I’d always played the nice guy parts and so to get a part when I could be rude and pig headed was terrific fun.

Pity they never made a sequel!