Sir Roger Moore Q + A August 2013

Q 1
Dear Sir Roger, (and hey i am the first)!
A former Austrian F1-Driver Alexander Wurz lives in Monaco for a long Time.
He is a very good F1-Co-Host for the ORF, our Austrian TV-Channel.
He knows a lot of Technical Things and Driver-Security.
He can explain you the right Tyre Pressure for every Reason and Season.
My Question is:
Which Sport-Event or maybe Classic-Event would you like to Host or Co-Host on TV?
Thank you, George from Vienna
Hello George
I’ve neither the expertise or knowledge to present any type of sporting event. I enjoy tennis, so could probably make a half-decent attempt at talking about a match, but I prefer to leave that work to the people who know – usually those who have taken part in the sport themselves.

Q 2
Dear Sir Roger

Having recently watched Skyfall, I felt Daniel Craig is now ‘comfortable’ in his role as 007 and gave his best performance yet. When did this happen with you? I know The Spy Who Loved Me is your favourite, was it also the Bond performance where you thought ‘I am comfortable doing this?’.
On a final note, I have to disagree with you…. you are by far the best Bond ever. Full stop!!
Yes, you’re right – my third film was the one I felt I’d really settled in to the part. As for your final statement, I’m too polite to argue. Thank you!

Q 3

Noel ha been a little unwell, that’s why I included ..
Hello Sir Roger, or as I like to refer to you as ‘Your Greatness’

My question for August is this:

My question has 3 parts to it:

With all these talent shows on tv (Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor American or Australian Idol), these days, I was wondering if when you were starting out in show business if you went on shows like that?
(Whatever the equivalent shows were then). And if so, how did you do? You can tell me, I won’t tell a soul

I think they’re fun to watch, but I’d never go on them.

Thanks again for answering our questions

Your Aussie fan always
Hello Noel, and hope you’re feeling better
When I started out, TV hadn’t long been invented and the broadcast hours were relatively short meaning there wasn’t a huge number of programmes. Whilst there weren’t talent shows per se until years later, there were ‘variety’ type shows which if you had an act of some sort, you could take part in. Alas, I never did! I had to content myself working as an assistant stage manager on them for the BBC.

Q 4
Hello Sir Roger.Having been weaned on Ivanhoe and then The Saint Ive been a fan for many years. and wanted to ask if you have ever visited the house recently where you grew my knowledge it is still there unlike mine which I would have loved to revisit.

Hi Robert
Yes I visited Albert Square about 5 years ago. I never went in, but stood outside my old family home. I probably couldn’t afford to live there now as it’s become quite a posh area!

Q 5
Dear Sir Roger, for these days the world commemorates 50 years of the memorable speech of Martin Luther King Jr., (I have a dream). In United States some actors were involved in the defense of the civil rights and against the racism. For the same time you was in United Kingdom working in The Saint. How the people of the entertainment business in England viewed this movement artistic, political and social committed in America? How were the feelings in Great Britain about of Martin Luther King Jr., and his crusade? Had you correspondence with any American colleague involved in this important episode historic? Did you met with Luther King personally? As usual, thanks a lot for dispense your time for response this curiosities.

Hasta pronto.

Dixon Acosta (Bogotá, Colombia).
Hi Dixon
I’ve always believed in equality and equal chances for all, and that goes for male & female along with creed and colour. We’re all on this planet together and we should remember we’re all the same, and no one person or race has the right to say otherwise. I never met Dr King but certainly recall the day I heard his speech and there was no doubting change was coming. His impact was immense.

Q 6

Dear Sir Roger

Saw a clip recently of yourself and Tony Curtis during the filming of The Persuaders!. You appeared to be promoting the show in different languages (although you’re linguistic skills were far more im

pressive the TC’s I must say). There were several takes in each language, and in the end you both appeared quite tipsy! I assume the Champagne you were drinking was real then? I also read somewhere that the ‘bubbly’ was very often the ‘real deal’ during the shooting the show – is this true?