Sir Roger Q+A June 2012

Question 1
Dear Sir Roger,

I am sure you watched the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on TV beginning of June. I watched that too (and felt sorry for all participants because of rather poor weather).

Watching the Queen reminded me of you having been knighted by her back in 2003 and I think you met her on one or two other occasions too, didn’t you?Sir Roger Moore with the Queen

So I would like to ask you abut your impression of your monarch. If I may, I would like to draw your attention especially to one particular encounter with her, when obviously something had gone wrong and you supported her in getting this thing back in place (it looked like a curtain). I am trying to enclose the respective picture – please click on the below link at the very bottom of my posting, then it will appear. Do you remember what happened on that occasion and what the nature of your “Service to Her Majesty” was?

Thank you very much and kindest regards


Hello Martin
Yes I enjoyed watching the Jubilee celebrations, from the comfort of my dry armchair.
I have been fortunate to meet Her Majesty many times over the years, from premieres to private functions and of course with UNICEF – where I did indeed un-snag a curtain which refused to budge, at a special event marking ten years of ‘Change For Hood’ at Heathrow airport. Her Majesty pressed the button, but nothing happened, so of course being her number one secret agent, I dived in to save the day … well, I actually leaned across and gave it a tug.

Question 2
Hi Sir Roger!

We all know that you travel a lot in your role as an Unicef ambassador, and otherwise. My first question is, how many travel days do you have each year and what do you do to kill time on planes and airports. My second question is about your Pinewood office. How often are you there these days?

Have a nice summer!

Kind regards,


Hello Ulf
Goodness I couldn’t begin to count up the number of days we travel – too many probably. I’ve not done so much in the last year or two, because I’ve been busy writing my new book and also an accident on a film set last year, which hurt my leg badly, meant I was hobbling around for a few months. One of my greatest luxuries nowadays is to spend time at home, just relaxing and enjoying watching movies and old TV shows. I’ve just been to Ireland for a few days, and next week head to Germany for three days. Then it’s my summer holiday and I’m doing nothing! But I will be gearing up for a busy autumn in the UK, France and USA so I shall be dusting off my passport and heading to the airport again.

Question 3
Hello Sir Roger

I was saddened recently by the death of Richard Dawson. Newkirk was my favourite character in Hogan’s Heroe’s and while living in Boston USA, in the late 70’s for a year, i enjoyed watching Family Feud with him.

Anyway, my question for June is, i think you mentioned him in your book, if i remember rightly, and i was just wondering did you both socialize together much and were there ever plans for tou both to do a movie together? You can answer one or the other of my questions if you like.

Wishing you all who live in the Northern Hemisphere a glorious Summer. Down here in Australia, Summer seemed to go by pretty quickly this year.

Best wishes as always

G’day Noel
I knew Richard socially, particularly when he was married to Diana Dors, and later on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In which was produced by my friend George Schlatter. We never worked together on a movie though, as he became a very much in-demand TV host and never stopped working in the USA.

Question 4
First off – on behalf of myself, my entire cadre of family (father, brother etc) and my 16 year old son, Max – we are huge fans. Such fans in fact, my son and I traveled to all the filming locations in NYC from Live and Let Die (at Max’s request). It was rather surreal to stand outside what was the Fillet of Soul and the VooDoo shop imagining THE James Bond once roamed about the area. (See photo below of Oh Cult Voodoo shop as it is today along with Max and my old NYC Taxi – travelsinacab . com).
Max is rather thrilled as well that your father was a police officer, since I am as well (he seems to think it might help his chances of becoming James Bond one day – despite knowing it will not be).

Okay – so, my question is this. As an actor and a clearly humble and humorous individual, do you often find at times that many of your fans limit their intrigue of you solely based on your work with Bond films, and if so, do you ever tire of the constant barrage of questions you must get for your role as James Bond? Personally, I cannot imagine a greater honor than to have played that role, so, I often wonder then, if you worked on other roles that spoke greater to you as a person that people might not have knowledge of. I liken it to donut jokes in my profession….I laugh like I’ve never heard it a million times before, but inside, I am most definitely not laughing – it’s like laughing at the punchline for Why did the chicken cross the road. Thanks so much for considering my question!

Hi there
My attitude is that it’s nice to be recognised and remembered for something, at my grand old age, and if that something can be James Bond then it isn’t half bad! Of course when I give interviews a lot of the questions revolve around “who is your favourite Bond girl … villain … favourite film …” – questions I’ve answered a thousand times before, and it does become a little boring. That’s why I used to make things up such as “I steal hotel towels” and “In my contract I insist on a constant supply of cigars” … a lot of people believed me of course!
I’m a very lucky actor and would never resent playing a role which brought me financial security, notoriety and lots of nice towels.

Question 5
Hello Sir Roger

I read with sadness the situation which is developing in the Sahel region of West Africa – severe drought, conflict and the decimation of crops by insects have combined to make the situation critical. As a UNICEF ambassador do you ever see the end to these situations which seem to occur ever more frequently? Like the rest of us, do you sometimes feel completely helpless?

Thanks for your time
Jeremy Smith

Dear Jeremy
I don’t think anyone who sees images like these on the news is ever left unaffected. I feel saddened, of course, and upset. But I do know UNICEF is doing amazing work in helping the affected areas and people in situations like this; and we must focus on that positive. Sadly we can’t control nature and the elements, but we can mobilise to help our fellow man and we can all help UNICEF do that.

Question 6
Dear Sir Roger

Having recently finished watching my DVD set of ‘The Persuaders’ I have started ploughing through my ‘Saint’ DVD’s. I thought the quality of the supporting cast in both shows was great. It is always nice to spot familiar faces pop up in both shows (in fact many of the ITC shows) such as the wonderful Patrick Troughton and Donald Pickering. I just wondered if you had any favourite ‘regular faces’ you particualrly enjoyed working with on the two shows?

Best wishes

Simon Chafer
London SW9

Hello Simon
Oh, so many lovely mates worked on the shows with me. It would be unfair to single one out above another as being a favourite, but many returned for several episodes of The Saint including Shirley Eaton, Annette Andre, Warren Mitchell and Robert Brown to name but a few and that was always great fun to have them back. It wasn’t so much work as playtime. It was hugely gratifying to see others such as Oliver Reed and Donald Sutherland go on to bigger and greater things too – perhaps my acting brilliance rubbed off on them?