Sir Roger’s Q & A for April 2011

Question 1  

I’ve been a professional photographer for a couple of years. Recently I noticed that I’ve become technically very good but that I’ve lost some of the creativity that I needed to have to stand out before. Do you think that this is happening to the movie industry? Films of the 70’s and 80’s had to rely on ‘real’ effects and other techniques to tell a story. Now with Blu Ray and 3D TV our senses are being bombarded with sensational images but I wonder if the art of telling a story is dying.

I am a big fan of yours and admire your charity work.
Best wishes
Kieron Nolan 

Hello Kieron

 I think technology can be a double edged sword at times. Many is the time I have heard the expression “we’ll fix that in post production” with movies and TV. CGI is seen as a saviour – but it can be costly. In the “old days” we achieved so much in the camera and by simple yet ingenious techniques – they save time and money most of the time.  

Special effects are amazing in movies thesedays, don’t get me wrong, but I used to think they were a tool used during a story. Now they are often used as a story. The script always has been, and always will be the single most important part of a film. Just look at THE KING’S SPEECH for example.

Question 2 

Hello Sir Roger,
Have you ever been that interested in something that you have started a collection?

Jeremy Smith 

Dear Jeremy 

I can’t really say I have to be honest. I do like $500 bills – maybe I’ll start collecting them?


 Question 3

Dear Sir Roger

I love the sentimental aura which surrounds “The Last Time I Saw Paris”. What are your memories of the production? What was it like playing against Elizabeth Taylor?
In the movie, she is stunningly beautiful. When the movie come out 1954, she was 22 years old and must have been one of the world’s most attractive women, I suppose.

Best Regards

Hi Nils 

It was my first break in movies really. It was a huge production (or so it seemed to this young English actor) and Liz was fast becoming a HUGE star – so it was quite something to have a scene with her! She was beautiful, kind, totally professional and put me at my ease immediately. We remained friends thereafter. 

I had to hit Van Johnson in a scene, and hadn’t perfected screen punching very well. There was nearly a nasty accident, as they say …

Question 4

  Dear Sir Roger,

I just happened to read your autobiography and Tony Curtis’ autobiography after each other. I’m curious, as you don’t mention it in your books, how your realtionship went after The Persuaders. Also, did you read his book?

Kiss Dávid 

Hi there Kiss 

Well we remained friends and saw each other socially from time to time. The last time was in 2008 when Tony was in London publicising his book, and I was there with mine. His publisher kindly sent me a copy, and of course I read it. 

Tony was larger than life, and I will always remember our association on and off screen with great affection.

Question 5  

Hi Sir Roger,

I hope you are recovering well from your recent accident.

May I ask if you watched the recent royal wedding in London?  If so, what did you think and are you a fan of the royal family?

Fond good wishes to you and Lady K,

Hello Richard 

Yes my leg is on the mend, thank you. That’ll teach me to walk around a set in semi-darkness.  

My wife and I are huge royalists. In fact, I’d say Kristina was in her absolute element with the weeks of TV all about the Royal Wedding – she was so thrilled and excited.   

We watched the wedding itself together on TV, and really enjoyed it. I’m so pleased the weather was kind to everyone.

Question 6  

Hello Sir Roger

I wish you and your family a Happy Easter. I don’t care what the so-called experts say, chocolate IS good for you hehe.

My question for April is…..

Do you have an Ipad, and if so, do you have any useful tips on it’s setup and usage? I have ordered one for my birthday next month, as my mother keeps on raving about hers and says I should get one (I don’t always take her advice, but in this instance, I thought it would be wise). I have an Iphone (given to me by a friend, therefore saving lots of money)and although it drove me mad when I first got it, I like it now a lot.

I know I have already asked you a question above, but I would just like to conclude this by asking you if you think that this generation of people (young or old, doesn’t matter which)place too much importance on material things? (I know I am guilty of that sometimes, especially after just asking you advice on an Ipad, sorry).

You can answer any or part of this question if it’s picked, it is up to you.

I hope your ankle gets better quickly.

Take care and many thanks

G’Day Noel 

No I don’t have an iPad, though Kristina does. She’s a whizz on it and finds it so easy to use (and that’s from somene who doesn’t like computers!).  Like everything it takes a few days to get used to it, but it really is very straightforward and user friendly. 

What an endorsement! Maybe they’ll send me one. 

Material things can sometimes be over valued. We all love gadgets and gizmos. But I think we all know the REALLY important things in life don’t we? 

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