Sir Roger Moore’s answers for March 2012

Question 1Hello Sir Roger

I hope you are well.
What would be your ‘chosen specialised subject’ if you were to appear on Mastermind?
Jeremy Smith
Hi Jeremy
Do you really think they’d ever invite me!?
Probably the life and work of Roger Moore between 1973 and 1974. I might stand a chance of getting a few answers correct.

Question 2
Dear Sir Roger,
Just finished watching my new DVD set of The Persuaders! Loved Terry Thomas’s character in the last episode. I wondered what he was like to work with? I’ve just statred reading aTerry Thomas in The Persaders biography of TT and he seems to have been an amazing character in real life too. If the show had run for more than one season, do you think he would have made a good returning character for the occasional story since the three of you seemed to work so well together?
Hello Simon
I absolutely loved working with Terry Thomas. He was huge fun. It was around the time of our filming that he first became ill, and that year he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I would have dearly loved to have worked with him again but alas it never worked out that way.
Question 3
Hello Sir Roger,
Thanks for answering my questions in past months. I was reading the press recently and it was mentioned that Live and Let Die still holds the record of most watched film on British TV – 23 millions viewers in 1981 – and The Spy who loved Me is number 3, with over 20 millions. In France, The Persuaders is still the most watched show on TV. Some achievements. You have written in lenght about working with Guy Hamilton and the famous Bond producers on Live and and Let Die, but I would like to know how proud you really were about taking on the role of Bond? Kind regards, Laurent (from France and Yorkshire).
I Berges
Hi Laurent
Of course I was delighted and honoured to be chosen as Bond. I’ve always said that I owe a lot to 007 coming into my life, and continue to be associated with the franchise very happily giving interviews and taking part in documentaries and PR events. I had a bit of a career before Bond, but those films really took my life to another level and I’m very grateful to them and everyone involved.
Question 4
Hello Sir Roger
I’m in the middle of reading Dawn French’s latest book A Tiny Bit Marvellous (I think that’s what it’s called), but i prefer Dear Fatty. Can you recommend any good books you’ve read lately (bios or not, doesn’t matter), please?
Thanks again, and i hope whatever project (with UNICEF or whatever), you are working on, or if you’re just taking a well earned break, enjoy yourself and take care.
Oh and by the way, today i bought a dvd of that great movie you made with Patrick Macnee and your son Geoffrey, Sherlock Holmes in New York. I hadn’t seen it for such a long time. (The first time i saw it was on tv in Bangkok and you had to turn the tv sound down and turn on the radio for the english soundtrack).Which was ok until they stopped it for half an hour while they broadcast the news grrr.
I hope you do get a copy of this dvd and show it to Geoffrey’s children (a free copy of course). It was lovely to see you both working with each other so well (as you did in Fire, Ice and Dynamite).
The audio commentary was also great. Thanks for making the movie then doing the commentary for it recently.
You Aussie fan always
Hi Noel
Oh, has it come out? Great!
I look forward to showing it to my granddaughters so they can see their father at their age!
I’m devouring a few books at the moment: Jeffrey Archer’s Sin Of The Father, Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson, Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth and My Dear I wanted To Tell you by Louisa Young. All terrific reads and all very different.
Question 5
Dear Sir Roger,
I have a short question, but perhaps a bit difficult to answer:
You always seem to be a very happy, humorous, smiling and merry person. Nevertheless, do you sometimes experience dark periods in your life? Unhappiness, disappointment, sadness or even depression? Even your former Prime Minister Winston Churchill referred to occasional so called „black dog“ periods. If so, how do you get rid of these feelings? What brings back happiness, optimism and joy to your life?
Thank you very much and kind regards
Hello Martin
It’s far easier to be happy and nice than depressed and miserable … but yes we all have the odd worry, and the odd bout of ill health which makes us feel sorry for ourselves; but overall I’m very happy and very lucky with where I am today. I’ve just enjoyed a lovely walk with Kristina, we called for a few groceries on the way home and now I’m going to prepare a little lunch. So I prefer to concentrate on being happy, which is very easy right now, than anything else!
Question 6
Dear Sir Roger Moore,
I would just like to ask what did you find most challenging when acting as Bond?
Thankyou for your time
Hello R Flower.
Probably having to fire a gun and not blink. I’m a total coward so often blinked before I pulled the trigger!
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