Sir Roger Moore 03-03-15

Sir Roger Moore answered your questions for January hope you enjoy them.

Q 1
Mike Hansen Hi Roger what was your worst day acting that you remember , I mean where everything went wrong , one of those days where you wanted to wake up and have a re:do. Did you ever have a day like that , that you remember in particular?

Hi Mike
Probably my early career in repertory theatre. I wasn’t paid very much so my diet was primarily baked beans. I had to crouch down and pretend to put some coal on the fire in this particular play, and as I bent down an almighty gush of wind left my posterior. The assistant stage manager was not impressed and said “you’ll sweep the stage tonight for that” but I really lost my composure after that and couldn’t keep a straight face. In fact there were a few cock-ups in rep that I shamefully admit were my doing. It was highly embarrassing at the time, though not seems rather funny.

Q 2
Sirod Circé Gigliotti Hi Sir Roger i , many people will talk or have done it , talks about James Bond , me my wonders are about “The Persuaders” , I wondered if Sir Roger Moore did not regret there were not other episodes and if so , why did it stop ? I was born years after but it was a pleasure to see those two great actors with beautiful cars , beautiful landscapes and often I cannot deny pretty women and the stories . I liked to see the castles and the constant fight between the two characters and the action moments . I enjoyed when it happened in France but not only , I greatly appreciated the UK/US relationship . And what a song from the series . Amicalement vôtre

I don’t regret there weren’t more, as if there had been I’d never have become 007. Though it was a terrific series which I am very proud and fond of. There has been talk of a movie for years, but I’m not sure if it’ll ever happen.
Jeff JacksonHi Sir Roger If you could have dinner with any one celebrity who you’ve never met, who would it be? Thanks!!

Hello Jeff
Anyone who’d consider giving me a job! I rather like Johnny Depp and think he’s a brilliant actor, so maybe him … but only if Kristina could jdcome too.

Douglas Ferguson Sir Roger, is there someone you would like to have met or worked with but never got the opportunity? Always the best Bond

Hello Douglas
I think your question leads on nicely from the previous – Johnny Depp. I haven’t given up hope though, as he may need an old man sitting in a chair for a scene one day.
Baron Szandor Sir Roger,james bond’s favorite drink is a vodka martini,what is your favorite drink?CHEERS!!!!

I don’t drink alcohol any longer, after being diagnosed diabetic but I do enjoy a couple of non-alcoholic beers. Neither shaken or stirred.