Sir Roger January 2014

Q 1

Greetings Sir Roger.
I trust you have fully recovered from your bout with the flu. Having had to place my dear 83 year old mother in a nursing home  after a fall and a broken hip last year, I find it remarkable (and congratulate you) on how relatively healthy you are – and have been over the years. I am now at about the same age as you were when you made your last Bond movie – “A View To A Kill” – and I find it quite breathtaking how youthful and fit you appeared in the film. What is it in your lifestyle that you can attribute this to?
I also enjoyed once more seeing you in the movie “A Princess For Christmas” over the festive season and always enjoy the look you give when Lady Kristina appears in her cameo role at the Christmas Ball. Did you have to coerce her in any way to make the appearance, or did she accept instantly when it was offered to her?
Wishing you both happy and healthy days in 2014 and beyond.
Kindest regards,

Brenton Chomel
South Australia

Hello Brenton
Yes I’m fine now thanks.
I’m not so sure about youthful and fit, but I guess it’s all relative. I watched my diet and did some daily exercise. I acted the rest of it.

Kristina loves ballroom dancing, and so the idea of taking part in a scene with a lovely long dress was all she needed to be persuaded. That and the fee – she’s wondering what to spend her $1 on.

Happy new year Sir Roger

Hope you and the family had a great Christmas.

Here’s a quick question for you.

As Hollywood has obviously changed over the decades were you like the new breed of “stars” ever persuaded by the studio bosses to undergo any cosmetic surgery  as it seems to be rife these days.

Also how the hell did you live the Hollywood lifestyle and keep in trim? You really got in shape for A View to a kill which must have been tough… No?

Keep doing what you do Roger… The world always needs a Saint :-)


Hi Mark

Cosmetic surgery has of course been around for many decades, and I know a few stars who succumbed to the knife in exchange for thinking they’d appear younger. Being so beautiful myself, I never needed it of course … though does haemorrhoid surgery count?

Q 3
Dear Sir Roger,

I do hope you are very well.

I noticed in your “Evening with…”-events you always spoke very fondly of your film “The Man Who Haunted Himself”. I think you enjoyed doing it and it seems you are proud of it. I agree, its a great film, yet I think it’s a bit underrated. It would have deserved more credit.

I assume playing two characters, the real Harold Pelham and his doppelganger, must have been challenging and difficult, wasn’t it?  Did you always know which character you were at every particular moment of shooting or was there a danger of getting mixed up?

PS: Years later you played another dual role, together with Michael Caine in Bullseye. But I don’t think one can compare these two films. Bullseye is a comedy.

Thank you very much and keep warm in winter


Hi Martin

Playing the two Pelham characters was great fun, and because I had to change costumes I always knew which one was which. Playing the good Pelham took more out of me, as playing evil comes far more easily.

You say Bullseye is a comedy? I’m sure there are many who would disagree. Mike and I had different accents too which helped differentiate the characters. That was great fun though.

Q 4
Dear Sir Roger, first of all, the best wishes in this 2014, health, prosperity and happiness, good luck with your projects.

My question in January refers the relationship the physical appearance with the recognition for the talent in the case of actors. Currently one of the most popular actresses in USA and other countries is the Colombian Sofía Vergara, she is a gorgeous woman and very good comedian, and she has been nominated four times for the Golden Globes for her participation in the TV series ¨Modern Family¨ and not won yet. Some critics mention that she is very pretty (?!) and this factor is negative, because apparently many people not consider her comic work.
[img]sofia vergara2.jpg/img]
What do you think about it; in your case your good look was a negative issue?

Thanks for your time.

Hasta pronto.

Dixon Acosta  (Bogotá, Colombia).

Hi Dixon

Awards in this business are not always necessarily given to those who deserve them. A lot is to do with lobbying and how the voters perceive you.  I’m not sure good looks ever go against you, but I do know it’s perhaps more difficult to prove yourself a serious actor if you are – like me – exceptionally pretty. It’s a curse I’ve had to bear all my life. I just keep cashing the cheques and don’t worry about the awards!

Q 5
Dear Sir Roger

I’ve been an admirer of your work since a young age and still a big fan. I attended film school, and one TV director showed us tapes on your technique and I came to appreciate how good a technician you are as an actor i.e. adjusting the performance to the scale of the shot.

You are known for your quintessential English accent. In your early days as a famous TV actor did you ever found yourself slipping into a South London accent, an accent you were perhaps accustomed to from growing up in Stockwell? Was it a gradual change from your RADA days, or a sudden change? I read that in your MGM days you tried to keep a stiff jaw when delivering your lines!

Best regards

Hi Philip

That’s the first time I’ve heard my work was ever used as an example in film school. How gratifying.

My mother always ensured I spoke properly as a child, and didn’t allow me to use slang or to mumble. Then at RADA we were all taught to speak with ‘Received Pronunciation’ – without any particular accent. That training stuck, and my natural voice became the one you all know. Of course at home with the old trouble and strife, I can talk like what I want to.

Q 6

Hello Sir Roger,

My question is about the little details in the Persuaders. I like very much the Persuaders and i´ve seen all the episodes several times. How much attention you have payed for all the little details, for instance what kind and colour of chlothes you were wearing, necklaces, and so on. Or car register  plates (for instance “The time and the place” that you have directed, and done it very well as the director too) How much you were following the script, and has it changed somehow after Basil´s tragical death ?

The Persuaders was, and is still, my favorite serial. When i was young and watching that black and white with Finnish subtitles and now again with colours, i just enjoy the humour and good acting again and again. I´m very happy that you and Tony decided to do it.
(Sorry for my bad English)

Best regards: Jari

Hi Jari

When we made the Persuaders, Lew Grade funded the show and said it was the most expensive on TV – and he wanted it to look like it was. So we never cut any corners or did things on the cheap. Clothes, car and everything else were the best. I had a little say in the clothes, as I made suggestions, but everything else was down to the writers and producer Bob Baker.

When I directed, I stuck to the script pretty much – though Tony never always did!

Glad you’re still enjoying the series.