Sir Roger’s Q & A for May 2011

  Dear Sir Roger,

My name is Simon and I am a 17 year old student from Belgium.

Since the moment I saw you for the first time on screen – which was as James Bond in The Man with the Golden Gun – I was completely fascinated by your portrayal of the character. Later on I watched more Moore and became really fond of your specific way of acting. Following lessons myself, you are one of my major examples and reasons why I started acting. I am very fond of your humour and tongue in the cheeks, which I miss in the modern Bond movies.

Two months ago I finished reading your biography My Word is my Bond, which I absolutely enjoyed. (My uncle gave it to me for my birthday.) I was positively surprised when I saw that you had written something about your experiences in Belgium.

Speaking about Belgium, I’ve always wanted to ask you whether you like reading Agatha Christie novels and in particular those with the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as major character? (I really love them!)

I once read your son Geoffrey is also an actor. Would you like to play in a film together with him? Maybe in Christmas at Castlebury Hall, to which I’m looking forward.

Greetings from Belgium and hoping to meet you once in Brussels,


PS: I recently saw the Persuaders’ episode A Death in the Family in which someone is trying to murder all the Sinclairs. It is really a hilarious episode. Certainly your portrayal of Brett’s family members is marvellous 

Hi Simon

I know of Hercule Poirot of course, but haven’t read many of the Christie books. I have seen the films and Tv series though.

I did once make a film with Geoffrey in the late 1980s called Fire, Ice and Dynamite. He is now concentrating on producing rather than acting. 



Dear Sir Roger

As a car daft guy & having driven lots of different cars i.e. BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Jaguar etc I now own my 2nd car since I started driving 6yrs ago…a new shape Vauxhall Corsa! I am looking to change to a 2012 Volkswagen Golf early next year (big fan of the Golf’s.)

What I would like to ask you please for May’s questions is:

Can you remember when you first started driving, after you passed your test what was your first car?

Kind regards

Hi Jamie

It was in the army. I learned to drive there. My first car was a military jeep. I much prefer Volvos and Mercedes these days – far more comfortable!


I have admired your acting style for years, however, it is for your great work with UNICEF that I wish to ask you a question.
Through your work over the years you must have seen many distressing things, and also been made extremely aware of the gulf between the haves and have nots in this world. Has your time with UNICEF strengthened or weakened your faith in humanity?
Thankyou, wishing you the best in health and happiness, Samantha x. 

Hello Samantha

My 20 years with UNICEF has been an incredible time. Sometimes I do wonder about just how human people are – what type of person plants land mines for children to pick up and play with I ask myself? What sort of people are willing to see their young become child soldiers or prostitutes? I have seen some wicked things and great corruption.

Conversely, I have also seen the huge generosity and unselfishness of people in their work to improve the lot of children and mothers. Their tireless fundraising, campaigning and field work is truly moving. I have seen the kindness and warmth of many people, and have been inspired by them.

There is far more good in the world than there is bad. Hopefully the goodness will overcome all that is bad. 

Question 4

 Dear Sir Roger

Hope you are feeling well. I have just downloaded your voice to my TomTom navigation system – it’s great! Did you have a ‘licence’ to add your own witty comments to the commentary? Was it enjoyable?

Jeremy Smith 

Hi Jeremy

Ah! It’s out! I recorded that over a year ago and did wonder when it might be available.

It took a day in a studio in the South of France – the top floor, without a lift! I had to voice a script of a couple of hundred words and phrases – it wasn’t too taxing. 

Hopefully I’ll see a few royalties coming in, as there is no up front fee.   

Question  5 

Dear Sir Roger,

I recently moved to San Francisco from Sweden though I am a Brit.

Of course on moving here my first thoughts were about A View to a Kill.

What did you think of San Francisco and have you been back since filming?

I have run over the Golden Gate Bridge several times and smile as I look up (usually in pain!) and see the scuff marks from where you had that fight with Max Zorin. It actually takes my mind off the run!

Please keep up the great work and thanks so much for the films. As a little boy growing up your James Bond was a source of great escapism for me.


Hi Shane

When I heard we were going there, I asked what sort of car chase it would be? Of course every film since Bullitt has been to SF and shot a car chase. Our’s was not with a car of course, but rather a fire engine.

Dianne Feinstein – now a US Senator – was Mayor of SF at the time, and rather reluctant at first to allow the film unit loose on her city. However when she heard I was playing 007 again, she said she was a huge fan and nothing would be too much trouble. Ha! I have my uses.

I loved my time in the city, and have returned since

Question 6 

Dear Sir Roger,

I hope you are fine (especially your ankle). A few years ago you and Samantha Bond participated in the London promotion video for the Olympics 2012. So you contributed to London winning the bid! 

Time flies and now it’s only one year till the Olympics will be started. I think they built Olympic Park in the east of London. I wonder if you are interested in Olympic Games in general and if you plan on visiting. Or do you prefer to stay at home and watch some of it on TV? Which are your favourite disciplines?

Thank you very much and have a good summer!


Hi Martin

I enjoy watching it on TV at home to be honest, as I think you see more – plus of course can enjoy a glass of wine in your favourite armchair. Who knows, if I am invited I may well pop down to have a look. I enjoy the track events, and often marvel at how fast the arthletes move – if only I could get up out of the chair easily that would be enough for me!

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