RogerQs November 2014

brettQ 1 Michael Warren You have a reputation as a Joker, what Comedies make you laugh? Hello Michael I love all the old shows such as Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses and Keeping Up Appearances. Oh, and ‘Allo ‘Allo too. I never tire of watching them.

Q 2 Michael Humphrey Sir Roger I was wondering when/how did you decide you wanted to become an actor. Well, after being fired from my first job some mates of mine said they were doing extra work on a film called Cesar and Cleopatra. I joined them and was asked if I’d ever thought of being an actor … it sounded good to me (well, I was unemployed so anything sounded good) and that’s where it all started.

Q3 Charlie Chakir out of all films you have been in sir Roger what was the most exciting and best film you feel you learned alot from? Hi Charlie, I’d say Interrupted Melody was a film in which I learned so much, thanks to the star Eleanor Parker. She taught me so much about camera technique, where to stand and was so very gracious to me. I’ve never forgotten her kindness to a young English actor.

Q4 Steve Grey Sir Roger Moore, can you please walk us through a typical day in your life now? Thank you. It’s terribly exciting Steve. I first check the obituary columns to see if I’m in them, if not I give the wife a shove and say “go get my breakfast woman”. No! I shouldn’t be cruel, in fact Kristina always prepares breakfast for us both in bed, and we watch the early BBC news as we devour it. It’s one of our lazy luxuries. We’re in Switzerland right now, so life is a little quieter than in Monaco. I first go to my study and run through emails, check appointments and call my office in London to run through anything that needs my attention. After dealing with the begging letters (I tend to write two or three a day) Kristina and I might then go shopping for a few supplies, and stop off for a nice lunch. In the afternoon we like to watch a movie and then after popping up to my study again to tackle a bit of mail and calls, we’ll maybe read, or watch a bit of TV before an early supper. Then it’s TV in bed. We’re very lazy!

Q 5 Terrence Draper which car was your favourite one the one that made you go hey this is real cool car the one that made you feel special I love my present little runaround in Monaco – a two seater Smart car. It’s so easy to park, to dodge around the traffic and is cheap to run! Q 6 Henrik Finnerup Wille Sir Roger Moore. Do you ever regret that you didn’t get to make that second season of “The Persuaders” in the United States? Dear Henrik Had I made a second series, I wouldn’t have been James Bond … so my honest answer is no. I loved the show though and look back on it very fondly.