Roger Q and A October 2015

Q 1

Adam Orford Sir Roger, now that Spectre has been released in cinemas, have you seen the movie yet and if so what did you think? Reviews from film critics are all well and good, but what we really need is a review from Bond!

Hello Adam. Yes I saw it last Wednesday at the Everyman in Gerrards Cross, near my office, and think it’s the best Bond ever. Huge fun, great action and very enjoyable!

Q 2

Francisco Cunha Dear Mr. Moore, through your Bond career you drove a large variety of vehicles, from cars, planes and boats. Do you have anyimages favourite?

Yes, the 2CV from For Your Eyes Only

Q 3
Hugh Evans
 Sir Roger – you’ve met many famous names in your career, including Elvis. Which celebrity has left you the most star-struck after meeting them?

Hello Hugh

I’d idolised Stewart Granger as a child growing up, so to meet him was something quite exciting … And then to work in the same movie as him was special. I wouldn’t say I was star struck but when I think back I realise how fortunate I was.

Q 4

Nick Dean Hi sir roger ,q1 who was your fav baddie ?q2 who would you pick for the next j bond baddie ?

Hello nick

I liked curt jurgens in Spy. He was so elegant and sophisticated with great dialogue. As for the next villain? How about a geriatric one in an armchair? I could do that!

Q 5 Mark Thorburn Sir Roger, You and one of my other all-time favourite actors, Ian Holm, co-starred together in Shout at the Devil. Do you have any particular memories that stand out from working with him? Thank you for all of your work through the years! Cheers.

Hello mark

He is a wonderful actor. He didn’t have any dialogue so had to convey everything through expressions and gestures – and that’s not terribly easy let me tell you. We had great fun on the movie, particularly with the larger than life Lee Marvin. I have nothing but fond memories.

Q 6

Shabnam Syed Hello Sir Roger. If you could play any role or part in theater what would it be and why?

Stand By Q

I’d love to play the Invisible Man, Shabnam. I could phone it in!