Roger Q and A October 2013


Question 1

Dear Sir Roger!
Happy Birthday!

I have a Question about Car-driving.
Do you know the first Driving Lession you got and how nervous were you?
Do you learned your Kids driving a Car?
And do you had Stunt-driving Lessons, (maybe from Remy Julienne)?
Thank you from George in Vienna


Hello George

I learned to drive in the Army. Can’t say I had chance to be nervous, just had to get on with it!

As for the stunts, I’m a nervous passenger so am always happy to let the stunt boys take over.


Question two

Dear Sir Roger,

Should I be lucky again and my question be chosen: Happy Birthday!

I have a question in connection with birthdays, or rather with many of them:my-word-is-my-bond

In your book “My Word is my Bond” you state Andorra as the country with the highest life expectancy. The good news: even though you just became one year older, it’s no big deal! I read that Andorra lost rank one and according to new studies the country with highest life expectancy is….. Monaco!

So you have the best prospects! Do you have any idea why residents of Monaco enjoy the highest longevity? Is it climate, food, security or is even living in apartments healthier than living in houses? Well, Monaco residents are known to be among the wealthier people, perhaps money buys better doctors (you thank some Monaco-based doctors in your book…).

I am sure with such a resident the national average will rise even higher.
Monaco has a terrific hospital, doctors, police force and weather … it all contributes. Oh yes, and the good food. We’re very lucky and very happy. Pity you can’t bottle it.


Question three

Dear Sir Roger, thanks for your kind response of September and for your ¨confession¨ about your flat feet! Although you not mentioned, I found that you and Lady Kristina were special guests in the wedding of the prince Andrea Casiraghi and his Colombian wife Tatiana Santodomingo.
Now is October! First of all, I wish you the best in your birthday celebration and blessings. Second, I don´t have a question maybe a proposal, nowadays you are preparing your new book and during these years you have been very generous with the readers of this site (thanks to Alan too) and your answers always are full of grace and intelligence, why not to select the best answers and published as annex of your new book? Thanks for your time.

Hasta pronto.

Dixon Acosta  (Bogotá, Colombia).


Hi Dixon


Ah the book has been delivered and is complete, so alas no more time (nor room) to add.


Question four

Dear Sir Roger,

I am David, the Spanish guy who used to send you a monthly question several years ago. I’m back haha. Now I am studying in Manchester.
First of all: Happy Birthday! How are you? I am sure you are fine, you look still stronger than last year when I saw you on tv! It’s incredible, I envy your energy so much!

I decided to come back because I realized I had a question that I had always wanted to know from you and you are the only who can answer it. You are my favourite Bond and of course I enjoyed the seven films you made. However I have always wondered how could you have performed 007 in other Bond films. For example, I think you could have done an incredible ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Sevice’ in 1969. I love the script of this movie and I would have liked seeing you doing it. My question is not related to if you think you could have done it better or not, only about your preferences.
So my question is: is there any James Bond story or Bond script which likes you specially and maybe you still wanted to perform? And beyond: is there any character or script from any film (even different from Bond films) that you have always loved and which maybe you would have liked to perform?
This is a question I have had in my head since I read Fleming’s books.

By the way, I will see you in Salford on 3rd November, this Sunday! Choose your best tie!

I will be looking forward to read your answer and to see your show with Gareth Owen.

Best regards!



Hello David


I loved Diamonds Are Forever, and the wonderful dialogue as written by Tom Mankiewicz. I think I’d have enjoyed making that one!


Question five


Dear Sir Roger

I like the scene at the start of FYEO where you put flowers on Tracey’s grave – a nice link to OHMSS. As production of OHMSS started in 1968, I wondered if you had been approached to play bond for this film, since you were finishing with The Saint around the same time? Would you have liked to have been Bond for OHMSS or would going straight from Templar to Bond been a bad move as the character was very ‘Bond-ish’ (unlike Brett Sinclair)?

Best wishes

Simon Chafer
Stockwell SW9


Hello Simon


I was approached in the late 1960s, after Sean finished You Only Live Twice … but the script was set in Cambodia, all hell broke loose there and it was shelved – and I went on to do more Saints. That’s when George Lazenby stepped in, and he did a great job!


Question six

Hi Sir Roger

When I was very little girl 10 in 1971 I absolutely adored you as Brett Sinclair in the The Persuaders. I think you and Tony made a wonderful charismatic pairing together on screen.

I read  that there were plans to make a second series and they were going to try and replace you with another actor alongside Tony, but I feel it could never have worked as well worth it was.

If you have not been offered the role of Bond, would there have been a second series, or even more series?

And even if there were not actually plans for that second series do you think it would have been a good idea to produce one and develop the characters of Brett and Danny?

Good luck with your tour of the UK I’ve got my ticket from Milton Keynes :-)

Best regards Jennifer


Hi Jennifer


Gosh, that’s tough. I had a wonderful year making the series and maybe, had 007 not come along, Lew Grade might have persuaded me to do another series. I’m very fond and proud of what we did, and would never say never.