Roger Q and A May 2015

Q 1 Terry Brereton I heard you once met Elvis, did you go and see him in concert in Las Vegas? The last film Elvis ever saw at the cinema before he died was ” The Spy Who Loved Me”

Hi Terry
Elvis was a huge fan of Dorothy Squires and came to many of her shows; it was at one of them I met him back stage. It was before he’d become an international megastar, and he was extremely polite and kept calling me ‘Sir’. If only I’d know what was in store for him – I’d have signed him up myself.
Q2 Lowell Whitaker Hello Sir Roger Moore Is there any of the latest Bond films 1987 on you would have loved to played Bond again? Take care and best wishes for 2015.

Hi Lowell
No, quite honestly I was getting a little long in the tooth to keep running around and bedding the young beauties. When I first saw Casino Royale and all the action Daniel Craig did in the opening scenes, I realised he did more in7 minutes than I did in 7 films.

Q 3 Bret Minges Hi Sir Roger I try this once more. you and tony curtis did many of your own stunts and fight scenes on the persuaders. what are your memories working with tony and what is your favourite scene or episode ? recently seen all your bond movies again on cable. great entertainment
Hello Bret
I only have very fond memories of Tony. Do you know there was no expense spared on the show and so when we are in scenes drinking champagne it was the real stuff. No wonder I put on so much weight during the series. I think the opening scenes in the first episode is great fun tony-curtis-roger-moorewhen the characters are first established and join up. But I enjoyed every scene with Tony really – even when he drove me slightly mad by going off script.

Q 4 Matthew Roberts Roger, if you hadn’t been “The Saint” want other 1960s TV series would you like to have starred in?
Hello Matthew

Oh Doctor Kildare. I’d have loved to have done a medical series – that would be a hypochondriac’s dream job, working in a hospital.

Q 5 Kevin Braithwaite Hello Mr Moore.

Hell Sir Roger I’m going to try for a second time. You worked with my favourite actor, Lee Marvin on Shout at the Devil. What was that like? You must have a great Lee Marvin story stashed away for us to read about.
A fan.

Hi Kevin
Lee was wonderful fun, and as you probably know a great fan of the odd tipple. His breath could have powered several combustion engines alone! When he’d had a drink or two his language was often substituted by noises – he’d say to the director, when describing how he envisaged reacting to something, “when I walk in, it should be Pssst, Pffff, Paaaah and Pop.”
“Acting is easy”, he’d say, “it’s all whhhhaaaah, whooooah, whoooo and whoop with a little arrrgh”
It was all total nonsense and gibberish, but he did it with such conviction that you’d find yourself agreeing.
Q 6 Sergio R. Mendez Hello sir Roger sergio from el paso texas, what is your most cherished memory with Cubby Brocolli? I’ve heard the making of the movies was an amazing experience also outside the camera because of what Mr Brocolli did for his bond family

Hello Sergio
There are so very many memories, but I often think back to the on-set backgammon games we played during each film and how I always won. Well, actually I usually let him win in the hope he’d keep employing me. Cubby was so warm and so very caring that when we were in Egypt and lunch wasn’t going to appear for the crew, due to refrigeration problems, Cubby bought up all the pasta he could find and made a fantastic dish for them himself. Not many producers cared as much as he did, and that’s why everyone from the runner upwards loved him.