Roger Q and A June 2016

Q 1
Gregorio DeGatos Sir Roger, you once pointed out that your dear friend, Sir David Niven, hardly talked about performances as Bond, but what did YOU think of David’s performance and what did HE think of your performances as Bond as overall? That hopefully is an interesting, detailed question for an interesting, detailed answer. Thanks, david-nivanBig fan! –Greg

Hi Greg
We would never discuss each other’s performance. That would be bad form for any actor! I loved everything Niv did and think he brought huge charm and charisma to every part.

Q 2
Srihari Muralidhar Who do you think, Sir, should be the next Bond? And what are the criteria by which one should judge whether or not an actor is suited for the role?

As soon as I say anything it’s all over the newspapers that I’m “tipping so-and-so to be the next Bond”. That’s a decision for Eon Productions and as far as I’m aware Daniel Craig is still their 007 and will be for a while longer yet.
Q 3
Derek Bond Hello Sir Roger, you have played 4 famous literary characters. Ivanhoe, The Saint, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. Is there any other you would have liked to have portrayed?. Thank you

Yes, The Invisible Man by HG Wells. That’d have been perfect as my stand-in could do all the work and I’d just voice him!

Q 4
Brenton Chomel Hi Sir Roger Moore: As I watched The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations on tv last night, with Shirley Bassey singing Diamonds Are Forever, I wondered who you would have sing at your 90th and what would you have them sing? Maybe Carly Simon singing No Body Does It Better? Thoughts?

Maybe Dame Shirley could belt out a Bond theme or two for me? Or maybe my good mate Leslie Bricusse will pen a song especially for me – something involving knees that don’t work like they used to perhaps?
Q 5
Bob Duda Hi Sir Roger… in a recent television special about you, they dispkayed some of the sketches you did before you got into acting… consensus of opinion wasvthat you would of had a great careervas a sketch artist, Gad you not got into acting, woukd you have persued a careervas a sketch artist or did you have aspirations in other areas?

Had I not been fired, I may well still be sketching in a basement somewhere in Soho. I certainly didn’t have any career aspirations otherwise and it was only through the luck of being fired and some mates suggesting I do film crowd work to earn a few quid that acting came into my life. I think my mother would have liked me to be a doctor though, and I like the idea of owning a chemist shop.


Elia J. Lambros Dear Sir Roger Moore, did the real Margaret Thatcher ever get to watch her impersonation in the final scene of “For your eyes only”? I’d like to think she enjoyed it….

Oh I don’t think I’d ever dare to have asked her! But at least she was pleasant to me when we met on subsequent occasions so I’d like to think she didn’t mind.

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