Roger Q and A January 015

Sir Roger Moore answered your questions for January hope you enjoy them.

Q 1 Martin Bablick Dear Sir Roger, I hope you are very well. A short wile ago your friend and partner (born 15 October 1927…?) left us. It’s very sad because now both Bob Baker and Johnny Goodman are in the “Big Cutting Room in the Sky” as you call it. Trying to come up with something happy – the three of you were so much involved in the making of The Saint and The Persuaders, weren’t you? My question: Can you share with us a happy thought or your two friends and yourself? Thank you very much and the very best wishes, MartinKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Hello Martin
We’re all still in shock about Johnny; it was a tragic accident that took him away from us far too early.
I remember so very many laughs with Johnny and Bob, and it was a joyous period in my life.
The Saint was going to drive a Jaguar XJS car in the series, but when Johnny phoned them up to talk about our plans and that we’d need two cars, they just laughed and told him they had a three year waiting list and said “why would we need publicity old chap?” when Johnny tried to explain how much exposure they’d get on screens all over the world. It was then he showed me a photograph in a car magazine of the Volvo P1800 … so Johnny was really responsible for the car being in the show and for giving Volvo a terrific financial boost.
I’ll greatly miss him, and my thoughts are very much with his wife Andrea and their children.

Johnny Goodman interview with Alan Davidson talking about his time with Sir Roger Moore

Q 2 Samantha Nichols would you appear on Doctor Who if you had the chance??

Hi Samantha
If they paid me a lot, why not?

Q3 Craig Miller Roger… Do you have any upcoming
movies planned??
I great up in the Roger Moore as James Bond era……and you’re still the BEST BOND in my book

Hi Craig
You have good taste!
I’ve just shot a commercial for Swisscom, so am keeping my hand in. We’re hoping the new Saint will be up and running soon and I may well pop up. As for movies, if anyone would like to cast me as The Invisible Man I’d love to do it, and can phone in the dialogue.

Q4 Robin Ferris Hello! On the set of your bond films, how many of your one liners were improvised by yourself and what were they? Could you tell me more about things on set of bond?

Hello Robin
Most of mine were far too rude and got cut!
Occasionally the director would say “we need a line here” and sometimes I’d come up with one, or he might, or another crew member. I remember on The Spy Who Loved Me, towards the end where Bond battle with Jaws on Atlantis and lowers an electromagnet down, Jaws looks up and his steel teeth drag him straight onto the centre of the magnet … it was Peter Lamont who offered the quip, “How does that grab you?”
In another scene with Jaws at the Temple, I hit a wooden scaffold support and a whole loads of rocks and rubble fall down on top of him. “What are you going to say here dear?” Lewis Gilbert enquired. I should add that throughout our shoot in Egypt we were assigned a Government official, to ensure we didn’t wander off the pre-approved dialogue and show the country in a bad light. As if we would! Anyhow I suggested “Egyptian builders” … “what about Charlie over there?” Lewis asked … “well, I’ll just mouth it and we’ll dub it back at the studio” I said.
That’s exactly what we did, and as Lewis called “cut” the sound recordist shouted “Sorry Guv, you’ll have to go again on that as I never heard the line”. Lewis gave him such a stern look, as if to say “shut up!” and we moved on.

Q 5 Ed Hunt Sir Roger. While on the set of The Saint what was your favourite story and why
On the first day of location shooting, in Cookham, I was sitting in the Volvo around a corner waiting for someone to drop a handkerchief in order I would then zoom around the corner and up the High Street. As I waited, a policeman on a bicycle came alongside and looked at the very stylish new automobile.
“Interesting looking car you have got there sonny”
“Yes,” I replied, “but it’s not mine.”
Suddenly he became alert, reached for his notebook and looked at the number plate, “That’s an interesting looking number, ST1?”
“Yes, it’s fake” I added … and with that saw my handkerchief and shot off.
Five minutes later I returned for another take, and the policeman was still standing there, scratching his head and wondering what was happening.
“The number plate belongs to the Chief Constable of Stirlingshire Police Force,” I helpfully revealed to my increasingly bemused friend. Thankfully someone from the production explained all to him.

Q 6 Garrett Edward Godwin Sir Roger Moore, you’ve played two legendary dashing action heroes: modern-day Robin Hood gentleman adventurer Simon Templar (‘The Saint’) and suave secret agent James Bond. In your opinion, how would you define these characters and what sets them apart?
Hello Garrett
The Saint is really a gentleman thief and bounder, but with morals. Bond has no morals, but is loyal to his job and country.