Roger Q and A April 2016

Thank all for great questions regards Roger


Dave Linkson Hi Roger, do you have some great memories of playing golf with the late Ronnie Corbett? I live local to where he lived at Addington, so sad to see him pass away!

Hi Dave

I don’t play golf, alas, but do have many happy memories of Ronnie C. going back to Danny La Rue’s club in Hannover Square where he really launched to fame. He was such a lovely, funny and warm gentleman. I think the last time I saw him and Anne was a few years ago in a London restaurant, and we were able to have chat.


Moke Jowett You being the joker that you are, what is the greatest April Fool that you’ve played on someone?

Hi there

Oh, I’ve played so many it’s hard to remember. This year I tweeted a London bridge was to be named after me – I’m still getting congratulations messages!!


Adnan Ahmed Good morning Sir, both myself and my son r curious about your acting / working relationship with Richard Kiel. How was it like fighting with him especially in the cable car scene in “Moon Raker”. Look forward to hear from y. Adnan

Hello AdnanRichard-Kiel

Richard in fact suffered from vertigo (he said he didn’t even like being that talk) so wouldn’t go up on the cable cars for real – the close up shots were all studio, and on location Paul Weston doubled for Richard in the long shots and Richard Graydon doubled for me.

In Spy Who Loved Me, in the scenes at the temple, Richard had to be filmed high up on the scaffolding but refused – quite rightly – to go up himself, and so Martin Grace doubled him. Martin got his walk and mannerisms spot on and for years afterwards Richard told me his mother gave him grief saying “You shouldn’t have gone up there”. He told her it wasn’t him, but she said she’d recognise Richard anywhere and that was most certainly him!

Richard remained a friend and we last spoke a few days before he sadly passed away.


James Bimson What’s the most amount of money that you lost/won at playing backgammon with Cubby Broccoli?

Hi James

We always played so as to scratch out huge sums by upping the stakes – sometimes it might be $50,000 or $100,000 on one throw of a dice – and usually we came out at the end just owing a few hundred dollars. It was all in fun.

Q 5

Tom Stafford Who do you like more: Beatles, or The Rolling Stones? :0

Both. Equally. Though I do actually prefer classical music.


Carl Staples Do you have fond memories of Frank Finlay when filming The Wild Geese? It’s a favourite film of mine

Hello Carl

What a lovely man Frank was. A true professional, and a joy to work with. He was one of the rare breed who was always on time, knew his lines and didn’t make any fuss. I only wish we’d had chance to work together again.