Roger Moore Q and A September 2013

Q 1

Dear Sir Roger, your current residence is in Monaco, and in this lovely place have lived some important Colombians, like the former pilot of Formula 1, Juan Pablo Montoya, Tatiana Santo Domingo wife of the Prince Andrea Casiraghi, and currently two great football players (Falcao Garcia and James Rodriguez, whose are playing in the Monaco Football Club). Have you met with any of this Colombians? Are you following the Monaco F.C. that plays in the league of France or prefer watching the Premiere League in UK?

Hasta pronto.

Dixon Acosta (Bogotá, Colombia).

Hi Dixon

I’m not a huge football fan to be honest – I enjoy the big games and the excitement around them though. It’s nice to think so many sports people are living in Monaco, and nice to think they’re doing so well. When I saw some of the transfer deals on the news, and how much some football players get today, it made me wish I hadn’t got such flat feet.

Q 2

Hello Sir Roger

Thanks for answering my question for August, and your best wishes on my health. I’ve had tests and it turns out to be nothing that serious and it can be managed by a few dietary changes. So I’m very lucky. Thankfully, I’m feeling much better than I was. Anyway…

My question for September is this….

As we know, Sir David Frost recently passed away. I saw you on tv last year sometime I think, being interviewed by him. I was wondering did you see his interview with Richard Nixon many years ago, and/or the Frost/Nixon movie? And if so, what are your thoughts on either of these please.

Many thanks again, and happy birthday wish to Lady Kristina.

Hi Noel

Needless to say it was a huge shock to hear about David, whom I knew for 40-odd years.

My last interview with him, as you mention, was for his Al Jazeera programme and he was always kind to offer a plug for UNICEF whenever we needed one.

Yes I do remember the interviews he did with Nixon, and thought the film was absolutely brilliant. David was a rare breed in that he knew exactly how to structure an interview so as to put his subject at total ease, before then going in for the jugular – he made it look so effortlessly easy, which is the mark of a true professional. I don’t think we’ll see his type again.

Q 3

Hello Sir Roger

How did it feel to be ‘immortalised’ in the lyrics of the Amy Winehouse song ‘You know I’m no good’ when she sings “you tear men down like Roger Moore”? I’m assuming she was referring to you days as Templar and Bond!

Simon Chafer
Stockwell SW9

Hello Simon

I don’t do much tearing down these days, but when someone said, seven or eight years ago, “oh you must listen to this girl called Amy Whitehouse” when her first big record came out, Rehab I think it was, I was captivated by her amazing voice. So when I heard the line you mention in one of her next hits, I rather liked it.

Q 4
Dear Sir Roger

Having recently watched Skyfall, I felt Daniel Craig is now ‘comfortable’ in his role as 007 and gave his best performance yet. When did this happen with you? I know The Spy Who Loved Me is your favourite, was it also the Bond performance where you thought ‘I am comfortable doing this?’.
On a final note, I have to disagree with you…. you are by far the best Bond ever. Full stop!!

Dear X

I’m not sure what your name is, as alas it was cut out of the posting, but I do thank you for showing such tremendous good taste.

I’d argue that Goldfinger is perhaps the most perfect of all Sean’s films – it was his third. Similarly, I feel The Spy Who Loved Me is my best, as I felt I owned the part by then. I recall seeing Daniel giving an interview on set and the reporter asking “is this your Goldfinger?”. Daniel blew me away with Casino Royale, but with Skyfall you get the sense that he has really made the part his and all the elements worked brilliantly in bringing it together as the most successful Bond film ever. It’ll take some beating, but I know the film makers relish a challenge.

Q 5

Sir Roger

I saw a bit of a rant on Nikki van der Zyl’s website saying you withdrew a Foreword you’d written for her book. Months later she’s still going on about it. She seems very bitter?

Best wishes
Tom, Maidstone, Kent

Hi Tom

In the run up to the publication of her book I received an emotive letter from Nikki’s son Darryl. I am not going to reveal its contents, as it is confidential, but Darryl subsequently brought a legal action leading to the book being withdrawn from sale by the publishers and the existing hardback copies having to have a chapter physically removed. So his case, and letter to me, was not something to be dismissed out of hand.

That, however, coupled with a rather ungracious attitude towards actresses in the series made me think twice about the whole thing. In an email to the organisers of Eunice Gayson’s book launch, for example, Nikki’s husband wrote that unless the book credited Nikki dubbing her then it would require reprinting with corrections. They then published an article on Nikki’s website about how Eunice Gayson should not call herself ‘The First Lady of Bond’.

I had been very ill with double-pneumonia and quite frankly didn’t have the will nor time to get caught in the middle of all this tit-tat – and still don’t. There’s no great mystery or conspiracy.

What ‘facts’ newspapers contacted chose to print is irrelevant. I have always acknowledged Nikki’s contribution to the film industry, and wish her continued success, but that’s an end to the matter as far as I’m concerned.

Q 6

Dear Sir Roger,

I just discovered a clip in You Tube which shows you in a little role in the Monegasque production called “Incompatibles”. I enclose the link.

It seems you had a funny part (in stylish lilac jacket) in which you poured water over a young man’s head. It looks like a nice scene in the sunshine at the Monaco coast and people seemed to be very protective, somebody always was by your side carrying a sunshade.

My question: how did this performance come about? Were you approached? Did you have fun doing it?

Incidentally, if I may say, I will be very happy to see you at another performance of yours with Gareth in Watford on 30 October. Very much looking forward to it!!!

Wish best wishes


Hello Martin

In short, through a friend, I was asked if I’d spare a couple of hours to take part in this little film, which was shooting not far from where we live. There were four lines of dialogue, which even I could remember at my great age, and so I said sure.

I hope you enjoy the show in Watford – if you’ve heard the stories before, don’t let on. If you haven’t, then they’re likely ones I’ve just made up.