Roger Moore Q and A for March 2016

Q 1
Nick Fisher Sir Roger, how much of a say, if any, did you have in the direction that your Bond films, becoming more light hearted in tone and such? Really enjoyed your Q and A session in Harrogate in the Autumn

Hello nick

The writers played to my strength – which is a more light hearted touch. I can’t say I had much input though did suggest a few ideas about scenes we were shooting – maybe a better pay off line, or a better reaction.
Q 2
Curtiss Mooney Was there ever a stunt you did yourself that scared you out of your wits afterward, when you had time to think about it?

Hi Curtiss

There was that scene in A View To A Kill … No I guess it was really the sequence with the crocodiles in Live And Let Die where I wore alligator skin shoes and had to stand on the island with the creatures approaching from all angles. That was quite scary. Little did I realise I was wearing one of their cousins on my feet!

Q 3
Joe Emery Hi Sir Roger, would you have played Bond in The Living Daylights had it been offered to you by Cubby? Or would a 60 year old Bond have been too much?!

Hi joe

No, I was far too long in the touch by then. They couldn’t find leading livecasinogo ladies old enough to play opposite me!
Q 4
Steven J Kent Sir Roger- You were a very good director on The Saint. But you didn’t persue it like your contemporary Clint Eastwood. How come?

Hi Steven

I very much enjoyed directing tv but with films it takes a year of your life but as an actor I could make three films in that time – three times the dosh! So it was really the time commitment being so much more for films that was the issue
Q 5
Paddy O’Brien Why didn’t you leave home in plenty of time for your planned appearance on Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge

Ah paddy

Had I only known I’d been booked! It was a good running gag that even caused my father to phone me up and say bad show for not turning up.

Q 6
Cathy Bennett Rumour has it Sir Roger that Richard Kiel was a real prankster did he ever get you on a prank and if so what was it?
Hello CathyRichard Kiel

Richard had a very dry sense of humour. In Paris (where hotel rooms are a bit smaller) he picked up the phone ….

“hey room service? Would you send me up a room?”