Roger Moore Q and A for February 2016

  1. Q 1Paul Morris Hello Sir Roger, when David Bowie passed away last month Sybil Danning mentioned that he had been offered the role of Zorin in A View to a Kill, and that she had missed out on the lead in Octopussy. While of course the great Maud Adams and Christopher Walken were irreplacable, would you have liked to star opposite these two in a Bond film? Very best wishes to you and Lady Moore from Australia!Hi PaulI knew about David Bowie being proposed as Zorin, but it turned out he was just too busy with his tours and music to fit it in. I wasn’t aware of Sybil Danning, but then again I hadn’t agreed to be in the film at that point so was purposely not paying too much attention to rumours! Not to take anything away from the superb Christopher Walken, it would have been interesting to work with David Bowie. But I guess it will forever be one of those “what if…?” moments.

    Q 2

    Dan Bartfield Hello Sir Moore, of the characters Simon Templar, Brett Sinclair, and James Bond, which do you most relate to personally? Thanks so much… You’ve always been my favorite actor and always will be

    Hi Dan

    Well in real life I’m a terrible coward and not at all a hero, so it doesn’t come naturally to me! I played Simon Templar the most, over 118 episodes, so knew the character pretty well and it was almost instinctive what he’d do and say, so I guess I identified with him closest.

    Q 3

    “Hello Sir Roger, In my opinion reading is a magical moment, something that nourishes our soul… Is there a particular and special book you have read that left a trace in your Heart? Why? ….Moreover I would like to say thank you for the wonderful words you spend for all defenceless being Human on earth. Hugs by Italy. Cristina.

    Hello Cristina

    There are many books, but in particular the works of Rudyard Kipling – and his poetry most especially – stays with me. My favourite poem being “IF”. It’s very profound.

    Q 4

    Sean P Flatley Dear Sir Roger. Sad news in the UK today with the passing of Sir Terry Wogan. I will always WoganMooreremember your interview on his TV show Wogan in the 1980’s where you met some real life MI6 officers. What were their reaction to meeting with you and did they give you some coaching tips to your 007 role. Best.


    Hi Sean

    I did a few shows with Terry and yes it was terribly sad news to hear he left us … he was very affable and very down to earth. Of course the official secrets act prevents me from discussing the tips I gave the MI6 agents – after all, what could they ever teach me? Meanwhile, I remember fondly my meetings with Terry and a few years ago he asked I put myself up for auction for Children In Need to join him and four people at a lunch. Someone bid £75,000 and we had a very jolly lunch at Bentley’s seafood restaurant in London.

    Q 5

    Peter Phillips Hi Sir Roger. You are my hero! You have had a lasting and incredible career. Would you ever like to have a biopic about your life? And if so who would you like to play your magnificent self? Thanks smile emoticon

    Hello Peter

    Who could possibly play me? Is there an actor as good looking, suave, charming and modest as me? I think it would be a little surreal to see my life acted out to be honest – but you never know!

    Q 6

    Toni Ryon Have you read the new book Ian Fleming: The Man With the Golden Typerwriter… a compilation of letters to and from Ian Fleming during the time he was writing the James Bond books? Fascinating background!

    Hello Toni

    No I haven’t – though thanks for the tip!