Roger Moore: gambling got me Bond part

Sir Roger Moore says his penchant for gambling secured him the role of James Bond. Before securing the coveted part, Roger appeared in a number of successful TV shows, including the long-lasting series The Saint. Roger says his love for gambling at the time struck a chord with Bond producers.

“When I was in The Saint I thought I was Bond and gambled. The producers thought I’d be a good replacement,” he smiled in an interview with BBC Breakfast. Roger is currently starring in “A Princess for Christmas”, which premiered on the Hallmark Channel earlier this month. The 84-yearold star says the festive movie was a welcome change from his high octane action films. “There’s no bombs, no explosions and no-one gets a disease,” he said, referring to the dramatic Bond storylines. “This is a happy story.”

In the early 1950s, Roger worked as a male model, appearing in print advertisements for knitwear which earned him the amusing nickname ‘The Big Knit’. The star laughs when he thinks of his early reputation, given to him by a fellow British actor. “Only Sir Michael Caine!” he laughed. Roger has enjoyed an illustrious film and television career. He is shocked when he thinks about how long it has spanned. “It’s further than I can count,” he quipped.