Q and A June 2014


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Hi Sir Roger Loren Gillings What did your parents want you to be when you grew up?the-persuaders

Hello Loren
I’d always wanted to be a doctor, and I think they’d have been very pleased with that. For years and years after becoming an actor, and even after I’d started The Saint, my mother would ask me when I was going to get a proper job.

Q 2
Dominick Gelardi Hi Sir Roger Moore, When I saw that you were going to answer six questions posted here, I wanted to think of the perfect question. I finally have. I may be a little late, but I will post it anyway in the hopes that you will answer it. My question is this: Did you ever perform your own stunts in the Bond films? If so, which ones and how was it. If not, would have liked to and which if any would you have liked to have done?

Ho Dominick
Yes, I did all my own stunts apart from the one of getting into bed with Grace Jones.
I also do all my own lying for a committed coward I’d got away with looking brave thanks only to the wonderful, brave stunt men!


Sir Roger Who do you think was the best actor in your lifeline and you ever work with them xx

I’d always admired Stewart Granger hugely, and yes I did get to appear in the same film with him – THE WILD GEESE. However I had the great pleasure in working with David Niven several times; he was not only someone I grew up watching on the big screen, but he became a friend too. I’m very lucky.

Ford McMurtry Hello Sir Roger what role did you most want but not be selected to play? Is there one scene in your career that you feel best represents who you are as a actor?

Hi Ford
I wanted to play the Jackal in Day Of The Jackal, and the producers were keen to have me. However the director Fred Zinnemann declined, as he felt I was too well known.
As for the one scene in my career I really rather like the scene in The Man With The Golden Gun when I confront the gunsmith. It was a terrific sequence, with the best line ever ‘speak now or forever hold your piece’ – I love it!

Q 5
Jonathan Scott Hello Sir Roger what you think about The Persuaders! Aston Martin selling for £533,500 recently? A world record for a DBS sold at auction.

Hello Jonathan
I wish I’d bought it after production. I believe the buyer is a solicitor – just goes to show how getting a proper job enables you to afford nice things like that.

Q 6
Kade Goodwin What are some famous movie roles that you were offered or auditioned for, that you did not end up taking?
Hello Kate
I only wish I could have afforded not to take roles! No I took everything I was offered – I’m greedy like that.
I was once offered Escape To Victory, but I can’t run so the idea of playing a footballer was a bit daft. They saw sense and cast Michael Caine instead.the-persuaders