Q and A December 2013

Q 1

Hello Sir Roger,

First of all, I wish you all the best after your stay at the hospital. I sincerely hope you get well as soon as possible!

Here’s my question, that will maybe make you smile…

A few weeks ago, my wife and I spent a few days in Menton, Côte d’Azur. One evening, we went to dinner at the restaurant “Le Pirate” in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. We chatted a little with the waitress, who is the widow of late Robert le Pirate. She showed us a picture of you in the restaurant, probably taken in the early 70’s. She told us that you came regularly at “Le Pirate” with Tony Curtis, and that you both used to “make jokes” to people in the restaurant. She didn’t tell us more…

Do you remember this of these evenings at “Le Pirate” ? Maybe could you tell me some trivia about these “jokes”?

Thank you very much and, once more, I wish you the best.

Kindest regards,


(from Belgium)

PS: I’m really sorry for my probably very bad English …


Hello Emmanuel

I’m much better thanks – a few days in hospital got rid of the lurgy and I’m fighting fit again.

Well Tony and I would have most likely had a glass or three of champagne on set (it was always real when we filmed The Persuaders) and so were probably quite jolly by the time we arrived for dinner.

Tony loved clowning around, and though I can’t remember specific jokes, he’d sometimes serve diners their food or pour wine for them – that type of thing – and we’d really just extend the banter our characters had in the series into real life …

Q 2

Hello Sir Roger

I hope your health has been restored, because spending any time in hospital isn’t good for your health, as the place is full of sick people hehe.

But seriously though, I hope you are now in tip top health, just in time for the festive season.

My question for December is as follows:

As you know, the brilliant Nelson Mandela passed away recently. I was wondering, I know I asked you once (in these very Q&A’s) if you’d met him, and you had. I’d now just like to know if he was interested in your UNICEF work and what you discussed with him re this. If it’s top secret or none of my beeswax (business) I’ll understand.

Anyway, I wish you and Lady  Kristina and your family lots of Christmas joy, good health and happiness for the festive season and 2014.

Best wishes always



Hi Noel

Our meeting was quite brief, though as I mentioned before Kristina said she’d never wash her hand again after shaking his. We didn’t really have any great discussions, it was more of an introduction and ‘how are you’ type of meeting. Though I’ll forever remember this aura of greatness about him. He was certainly a very special man.

Q 3


Dear Sir Roger!

I wish you all the Best and Merry Christmas and a happy new Year!

Can I ask, you were good Friends with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.

Your former Tailor was Douglas Hayward, did Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin visit Mr. Hayward.

I know Sammy Davis Jr. did!

What the Hair-Stylist is for the Women  the Tailor is for the Man.

(The Ladys make a Ladies-Day, go to the Hair-Saloon, Mani-Pedi and then they let the Credit Card  glowing through Shopping).

Did you made a Guys Day with your Friends, go to the Tailor for a new Suit or new Shirt and then in a Bar for a Beer, go to a Restaurant for a Steak and so on.

Thank you from George in Vienna


Hello George

My tailor prior to Doug Hayward was Cyril Castle and he made the suits for my first couple of Bond films, and Sammy specifically asked me to introduce him and the others to Cyril. I’m not sure if I ever introduced them to Doug later on, but chances are yes they did use him whilst in London – everyone did.

In more recent years, before Doug died, a few of us – Michael Caine and Terry O’Neill being two – would meet up at his shop, then wonder across the road to Scotts restaurant for lunch. It usually involved oysters and a glass or two of something cold!

Q 4

Hi Sir Roger!

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve (God Jul och Gott nytt år as Kristina and I would say in Swedish). My question this time is: what are your hopes and wishes for the new year, both for yourself and mankind. I also wonder what your plans are for 2014? More writing, touring or perhaps filming? UN missions?

Best wishes,

Ulf from Sweden


Hello Ulf

I hope I can enjoy the year in good health – that’s the first and most important thing. And indeed Kristina and my family too.

I have another book coming out in September, which is now all complete and handed in to the publishers. We’re hoping The Saint series will start in the late Spring, so with a bit of luck I might get a few days work on that. I’m open to other offers too, though of course it depends on the part and how athletic a character is – a nice sitting down job, or playing The Invisible Man would be ideal. I was in fact offered a film to start this month, but I didn’t feel the script was one for me.

Anyhow, let’s see what the year brings and I certainly hope it will include good health to you all and the dawn of a new, better year for all the children of the world.


Q 5

Dear Sir Roger,

I’m glad to hear your recent flu wasn’t anaemia, as was reported in the press.

Peter O’Toole (now sadly no longer with us) once said he only ever watched films he was in many years after they were made, because watching them when they first came out made him self-conscious as an actor. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this, and whether you feel the same way or not.

I suppose it must be very difficult for film actors to be able to completely avoid seeing themselves, given the ever-present nature of the media today

All the best for the New Year!




Hello Jeff

Oh I never like watching myself on screen, as being an insecure actor I always feel – with hindsight – I could have played a scene better. But when you’re at a premiere or a press screening, of course you have to sit there, smile and watch every frame.

Kristina enjoys watching some of my TV shows and films which she’s not previously seen, and so when one pops up on TV she makes me sit through it with her – sometimes giving a little commentary (for which I don’t charge). I occasionally surprise myself  with how beautiful I was and how well I delivered a line, but generally I just feel sad at the sight of all that wonderful hair I used to have!



Dear Sir Roger,

First I would like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! Hopefully you recovered well after your stay in hospital!the-persuaders

One of my favourite Persuaders- scenes is what I call the “Disco Scene” in Element of Risk. I enclose a link.

There are very funny dialogues and somehow it seems to reflect a little the spirit of Swinging London in those days.  Do you still remember doing this scene? It was probably not shot at Pinewood but in a real night club, at least it seems so.  Did you do such scenes with extras or were all those disco people actors? I also like the song, its named “Groovy City”. Great and very entertaining scene! Good to watch after a hard day’s work

The very best wishes!



Hello Martin

Actually Kristina and  I dance like that every night.

The dancers in the scene would have all been extras, with “dance” as a skill on their CV. It was definitely a Pinewood set not a location.

Though it’s not quite the Vienna waltz is it?