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The Spy Who Loved Me - The Reunion and Gala with Sir Roger Moore by Bondstars

19 October 2008 at Pinewood Studios


A dense fog still shrouds the Pinewood Studios when, in the car par park, some of those taking part in this special day are already stamping their feet on the paving stones in front of the famous studio “Mansion”. This event, organised by Bondstars, has a distinctive aroma since it delivers a tribute to one of the most popular works in the whole saga,


“The Spy Who Loved Me” with, as a high point a dinner in the company of James Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore. An encounter whose announcement electrified the community of wholehearted partisans of the franchise, to such an extent that tickets had to be allocated via a lottery process.


The doors were not yet open that cameras start flashing.. Three stars of film are in fact enthroned on the car park : the veritable Bond Lotus Esprit and replicas of the Wetbike and the Stromberg helicopter flown by Naomi.

Tea or coffee. There’s jostling at the massive studios bar. There are those who flop into the bulbous studio couches or who hurry already to meet the characters who are part of the legend. A long queue forms in front of Richard Kiel and his smiling wife. The good-natured giant bows in amusement for the game of photos, autographs his work, photos or a very beautiful litho based on the film’s train scene featuring Roger Moore and himself. Further on, we greet Caroline Munro, Valerie Leon, Shane Rimmer, Edward De Souza, Albert Moses, Paul Weston, Martin Grace, Alan Hume, Alec Mills, John Glen, Peter Lamon, Christopher Wood. Later arrivals included Sir and Lady Kenneth Adams as well as June Randall.

It’s time for the visit to the studios with their magic places : the magnificent gardens, the famous bridge which brings back good memories to fans of "The Persuaders", also used in “From Russia With Love”, the grotto, Renard's Lair in “The World Is Not Enough”, the “ Goldfinger Avenue”, The Underwater Stage and the imposing “Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage ” where the submarine scenes were filmed.

After the lunch, we made our way on to “Theatre 7” to watch the remastered film of “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

The film is introduced by Martin Grace, the most celebrated stunt-double of Roger Moore in the Bond films but also in “The Wild Geese”, The Naked Face”, “Escape To Athena” just to mention a few ...

Following the showing, the actors and actresses come down from the stage to a traditional exchange led by Lee Peiffer. Darkness had thrown its wide cloak over the studios when we made our way again to the Mansion to make the most of the stars present. Then it’s time to get changed for what is to be the pinnacle of the day : dinner in the presence of Sir Roger.

Hubbub in front of the ballroom which is still closed. Each one is locating their place on a table plan when the room panels open. Round tables, beautifully prepared, champagne glasses and Sir Roger who, accompanied by his wife, welcomes each guest with a handshake and a kind word for everyone. The moment is immortalized by a professional photographer and the glass of Bollinger is ever more bubbly. Everyone also receives, amongst other items, a signed and numbered copy of Roger Moore’s autobiography, “My Word Is My Bond”.

The evening ends with a question-and-answer session between Roger Moore, Gareth Owen and the public. Before leaving the room to a standing ovation, Sir Roger is presented, by Dave Worrall and Lee Peiffer, with a new honour : the “Retro Award”. The class, the elegance, the humour and charm are all, intact.

Report : Marie-France Vienne (Sir Roger Moore Official Website) with the kind help of Barrie Wilson

Photos : Philippe Heidet & Marie-France Vienne (Sir Roger Moore Official Website)

Thank you to Bondstars and all the people who made this day a wonderful one



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