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My Word Is My Bond - The promotional tour



Sir Roger’s tour kicked off in London with “Tonight With Jonathan Ross” on October 10th, and was swiftly followed by appearances at the National Film Theatre, the National Theatre Platform Event, a special gala event at Pinewood Studios and booksignings in London, Kent, Norwich, Oxford and Cheltenham.


Events then followed in Paris, New York, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Hong-Kong, Finland and The Netherlands.

Booksigning at Lyttelton Theatre in London after having discussed his distinguished career with Emma Forbes, daughter of director and producer Bryan Forbes

On November 7, Sir Roger was in New York and appeared at Barnes & Noble 5th Avenue to sign copies of his book. On November 9, he was inducted into the legendary New York City club for the arts, The Players. The evening was organized by Cinema Retro Editor-in-Chief Lee Pfeiffer and John Martello, Executive Director of The Players. The club has a rich history dating back to 1888 when it was founded by actor Edwin Booth. Over the decades, notable members have included Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, James Cagney, Mark Twain, General Sherman, Gregory Peck and many others. A sold-out crowd attended the black tie festivities and the New York Times covered the evening. Sir Roger arrived with his wife, Kristina and personal assistant Gareth Owen to for a private tour of the club given by John Martello. Following this, the group mixed with the crowd at an informal cocktail party at which Sir Roger received a pleasant surprise when he was reunited with his Moonraker co-star Lois Chiles.

Sir Roger Moore Tribute At The Players Club.

At Barnes & Nobles in New York

Sir Roger then went to Sidney and to Melbourne. In Melbourne, More than 500 people of all ages lined Bourke Street in the CBD to have their copy signed and to catch a glimpse of the 81-year-old star. The store had to order more copies of the book to cope with demand, with one staff member saying it was the biggest book signing event it had ever had. After an hour of signing, Sir Roger strolled out of the store with a grin still on his face, waving to fans as they begged for photos.

Bonding in Melbourne

In Auckland, more than 300 people were lining up to get up close to Sir Roger. He was also a guest at a literary lunch at Auckland's Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Hong-Kong got a glimpse of a silver screen legend as he jetted into town on November 27. He said: "Why did I write an autobiography? Because my wife was getting very fed up listening to me tell the same stories. She thought the rest of the world should suffer too and I should write it down." When asked what type of role would he would want to play, if he could go back and do the Bond films again and play another character apart from James Bond, Moore replied: "Oh I would like to play a villain, (a) much better part! They always had wonderful dialogues. You know Bond does not say much (apart) from 'The name's Bond, James Bond'. As the villain . . when you say 'Bond', it is always 'Mr Bond, you are going to die and you are going to suffer very slowly!' They are great, I love it!".


Hong Kong

Roger Moore then came back to Europe, heading for Oslo, Norway, and then to Amsterdam.

Booksigning in Oslo

It is in the dutch Schiphol Airport that he concludes the first part of his world tour. Once again, people are lining up outside of the AKO shop.


After nine weeks of touring the four corners of the world, Roger Moore is still his ever smiling, charming self, shaking hands, signing autographs, and posing with every admirer despite his fatigue.

Booksigning in Schiphol

Text : Marie-France Vienne

Photos : AP, Reuters, AFP & Marie-France Vienne


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