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Carroll Baker Interview

What was your first impression when you met Roger Moore for the first time?

My very first impression of Roger Moore was that I was overwhelmed by his great good looks and poise. Also his sense of humor was immediately apparent.

Roger Moore is known as a great practical joker - in French we say "farceur", a very nice word -, was it already the case in 1959? If yes, could you tell us some funny anecdotes from the movie “The Miracle”?

He didn't play any practical jokes because
our director was a humorless jerk. Roger took
so much abuse from Irving Rapper that I was
appalled, but he took it like a man and went
on to do a very professional job.

Did you think at this time he was going to become a very popular actor and accomplish such a big career?  

Honestly, I wasn't sure if he'd be a big star. I thought that his good looks might get in the way. That he was too gorgeous to be taken seriously. (He hates me to say this, but it's true)

What is your opinion about the wonderful work Roger Moore is accomplishing within the UNICEF and the Kiwanis since 1991? Were you surprised with the engagement of Roger Moore to the UNICEF cause?

Yes, I was surprised when Roger took on the awesome responsibility of UNICEF. How could I have known that he would be capable of being so unselfish and giving.

From where comes the complicity and the friendship which is easily perceived in the great documentary “Roger Moore, a Matter of Class”? Only close friends of him contributed to this program.

It is so easy to like Roger.
Even in his hugely famous Bond days
he never was snobbish. He has always
been kind and welcoming to his friends
and co-workers.

When was the last time you met Roger?

I was priviledged to present Roger with the Humanitarian Award two years ago in L.A. at Whitney Houston's big charity gala. It was so good to hug him and tell him how proud I am of the wonderful work he is doing.

Would you tell us what is happening in your life at the moment,working, projects, your website?

Recently they re-ran on American Television the best work I've done as an actress. It is a movie of the week with Richard Crenna entitled, "Heartful of Rain." Also American Cinematique recently honored me for my work in "Harlow" with a celebrity screening in the magnificent Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. What a night! Red Buttons and I both spoke afterwards and took questions from the audience. I had invited a large group of my pals and we celebrated afterwards at one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Hollywood, right around the corner from the Egyptian, called Miceli. I was in Seventh Heaven!

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Kind regards and many thanks to Carroll Baker
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