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Sir Roger Moore's previous answers and questions  

Sir Roger Moore bonus for James Bond and more recently a UNICEF Special Ambassador has been answering his fans  questions since July 2004. You can read all Sir Roger's replies linked from this page.

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Sir Roger Moore English actor and film producer. Roger is perhaps best known for portraying two British action heroes, Simon Templar in the television series The Saint from 1962 to 1969, and James Bond in seven films from 1973 to 1985. He has been a UNICEF ambassador since 1991.      

TELEVISION SERIES 1958-59 Ivanhoe, 1959-61 The Alaskans, 1959-62 Maverick 1962-69 The Saint (also directed some episodes) 1971-72 The Persuaders
MADE-FOR-TELEVISION MOVIES 1977 Sherlock Holmes in New York 1992 The Man Who Wouldn't Die
FILMS Caesar and Cleopatra, 1945; The Last Time I Saw Paris, 1954; Interrupted Melody, 1955; The King's Thief, 1955; Diane, 1955; The Miracle, 1959; The Sins of Rachel Cade, 1961; Gold of the Seven Saints, 1961; Rape of the Sabines, 1961; No Man's Land, 1961; Crossplot, 1969; The Man Who Haunted Himself, 1970; Live and Let Die, 1973; The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974; Gold, 1974; That Lucky Touch, 1975; Shout at the Devil, 1976; Street People, 1976; The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977; The Wild Geese, 1978; Escape from Athena, 1979; Moonraker, 1979; North Sea Hijack, 1980; Sunday Lovers, 1980; The Sea Wolves, 1980; The Cannonball Run, 1981; For Your Eyes Only, 1982; The Naked Face, 1983; Octopussy, 1983; A View to a Kill, 1985; Bed and Breakfast, 1989; Bullseye!, 1989; Fire, Ice and Dynamite,  1990; The Quest, 1995

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