I have not withdrawn from UNICEF

Sir Roger Moore
“There have been reports in some Irish newspapers this week that I, Vanessa Redgrave and Liam Neeson are withdrawing our support of UNICEF. This is completely untrue.

Vanessa, Liam and I expressed our sadness and concern this week over the dismissal of UNICEF Ireland’s Director Malanie Verwoerd. We have all worked closely with Melanie and seen just how persuasive and motivated she is first hand, and what a brilliant advocat for improving the lives of children throughout the world she has been.
The news was very unexpected and sudden, and it did affect Liam going on a feld trip (as Melanie organised it and was due to accompany him) and plans for Vanessa to attend a UNICEF event in Dublin in September, which again was organised by Melanie. However, it does not mean any of us are withdrawing support to UNICEF.
At this critical time in the horn of Africa, UNICEF is doing so much amazing work in saving lives. The organisation and its staff are truly brilliant. When we learned one of this brilliant staff members had been dismissed without, what we considered to be, proper grounds we felt we had to speak up.
I would urge everyone – and in particular the good people of Ireland – to continue supporting UNICEF, as I will. ”

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