Lynn-Holly Johnson is the unforgettable Bibi Dahl in “For Your Eyes Only”. She kindly accepted to answer some questions for Sir Roger Official Website.

What was your reaction when you learnt you were chosen to play Bibi Dahl in « For Your Eyes Only » ?

Auditioning for the role of Bibi Dahl was very nerve-wracking. My agent had told me Cubby Broccoli was interested in hiring me after he had seen Ice Castles. So it was unusual in that it was merely a meeting at Cubby’s mansion where we chatted endlessly about various things.

There was no script to read and no scene to audition. I really didn’t believe anything would come of it and then when my agent called to say I had the role I was thrilled but I really had no idea what kind of character I’d be playing. And I absolutely could not foresee that I’d be talking about the movie and the role more than 20 years later.

When did you meet Roger Moore for the first time ?

I met Roger Moore for the first time on the set and he was already working that day. So I was very serious, as I always am when I’m working. But within a couple of hours I realized this was going to be a co-star like no other.

Both you and Carole Bouquet were young actresses, and your first appeareance in such a huge movie. Were you impressed ? How was the atmosphere on set and locations ?

I was more shocked than impressed with the set of this huge movie. The camaraderie on the set was so warm. Most everyone had worked together on previous Bond movies and they knew how the set worked and how to make a great movie.

Working at Pinewood is so different than at a studio in the states. I already knew numerous crew-members from having worked at Pinewood the year before doing The Watcher In The Woods opposite Bette Davis.

Roger Moore is well known for being very kind with his/her co-stars, could you confirm it ?

Yes, Roger Moore is indeed very kind. I can’t imagine him being angry because he has a wonderful zest for life and lives each day to the fullest.

He was an absolute joy. I’ve worked with some television stars here in the states, who really think they are something, the ultimate star and they expect to be treated like some God.

Wow ! Roger Moore is such a class act and for all that he has attained he still would never act like he deserves more.

He is also well kown for being extremelly funny on the set … I’m pretty sure you have some anecdotes to tell ?

Roger Moore has great fun with almost every take. He changes lines or shows up with a rubber duck and the entertainment continues when the camera isn’t running. He still manages to be respectful and professional but his incredible wit and charisma is never-ending and makes for a wonderful workplace.

“Well, put your clothes on, and I’ll buy you an ice cream cone” is definitely one of the funniest lines of the film. Could you tell us more about this famous scene ?

In our ooh so romantic bedroom scene Roger Moore had me laughing constantly. It just so happened the scene was shot just before Christmas Day and my parents and my brother had flown over for the holiday.

So naturally they came to the set to see me work. And I think the scheduler must have thought that would make the perfect day for the bedroom scene. So in my most sexy moment, there were my parents right on the set. And Roger would say during the scene “Well I’d jump in with you but your parents are standing right there!”

Every take he had something hysterical to say. Finally, the exasperated director would say, “OK Roger, just this once, let’s do a take where you actually say the scripted line.”

There was obviously an excellent chemestry between you and Roger Moore. How do you explain it ?

I do think Roger and I had a nice chemistry. Basically, I think we just got on very well because we respected each other’s work ethic.

I felt like our humor meshed and yet when the time came to be serious and professional he knew I was there with him.

My current projects are pretty much family oriented. My two beautiful children and a loving husband take all my focus. I’m always in touch with the business however and I have some writing projects that I fall back on when I get the chance. Frequent weekends are spent racing on the Pacific. I’ve been part of a sailing crew for the past 2 years.

Currently we are National Champions!

Interview: Marie-France Vienne, Sir Roger Moore Official Website – May 2006