How did you become involved in this film in the first place which ended in obtaining the role ?

I had seen Dr. No with Ursula Andress, and it made such an impression on me, and I very much wanted to be in a Bond film, so when I read in the paper that they made The Man With The Golden Gun, I dressed for the part, a secretary, my hair in a bun and own heels. Very politically incorrect today, but we did not have these boundaries in the 60 and 70’s. I went to see Cubby Broccoli at his office, and told him I wanted the part in the movie. He said they basically just use the titles of the Bond books and then write the script. As I was leaving, Roger Moore walked by and he introduced us. I had to go back to America to start another movie, but when I returned to London six weeks later I read the English papers on the plane, and saw to my horror that Maud Adams featured in the new Bond film, “The Man with The Golden Gun.”

When I came home, my agent told me to immediately go to Cubby Broccoli’s office. And in my naivety I thought Cubby wanted to apologise for not giving me the role. But when I arrived, he gave me the script for The Man With The Golden Gun. “You are playing Mary Goodnight”. “But what about Maud Adams” I asked him ? He said Maud plays the villain Christopher Lee’s girlfriend. And that is how I got the role. From that on I learnt that if you want something in life, you better go after it !

For how long were you filming at Pinewood and in Thailand ? At that time, Phuket was not a touristic place. How were the conditions of filming there ?

We started filming in Bangkok sometime in April and yes it is true, there were no hotels in Phuket so we lived in a brothel. We had our own petrol driven generators which was stolen quite often. Then we moved on to Hong Kong and we finished the movie shooting at Pinewood end of June beginning of July.

How do you think Roger Moore rank as a leading man ?

Roger Moore was one of the most gorgeous men on earth, but apart from that he had a great sense of humour and not as distant as and self occupied as many big stars are. He was very much down to earth and ready to hang out with everyone. He wasn’t pompous like some stars can be.

How was it working for Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman ?

In my career I have never worked with producers that where as generous and kind and understanding as they were. All in all, the making of The Man With The Golden Gun was one of the happiest in my life.

What were your thoughts about Guy Hamilton as director ?

At the time, I was very frightened of Guy Hamilton as he was a very precise and demanding director, but having met him lately and talking about the Bond film, he is a fabulous man, and certainly not someone I had to be scared of.

Could you tell us a bit about your memories from working with Maud Adams and Christopher Lee ?

I had a great time working on the movie, Maud and I became best friends, and am still after all these years and distance, very close friends. Christopher Lee I see less often, but we see each other now and then at charity functions.

Which is your favourite scene in The Man With The Golden Gun ?

Probably the one when I am locked in the boot of the car. At least that is the one scene my youngest son thinks, is the funniest.

We think you did promotional tours for the film, where did you travel for this ?

I wanted America as I was living with Lou Adler in Los Angeles at the time, but the producers felt that I was more suited for Europe, so I did France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and England.

Why do you think Swedish women have attracted the Bond producers over the years ?

Swedish women are generally very beautiful, very photogenic. They are also good actors, and work in a very discipline way.

Are you still in touch with Roger Moore ?

I recently did a UNICEF function with him in Canada (in February 2006), and we have remained good friends since the filming, and of course, he has a Swedish wife.

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